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2018Generating narratives on bushfire risk and biodiversity values to inform environmental policyMoskwa, E.; Bardsley, D.K.; Robinson, G.M.; Weber, D.
2000Generic relationships within and between the gymnosperm families Podocarpaceae and Phyllocladaceae based on an analysis of the chloroplast gene rbcLConran, J.; Wood, G.; Martin, P.; Dowd, J.; Quinn, C.; Gadek, P.; Price, R.
2014Genetic and morphometric divergence in threespine stickleback in the Chignik catchment, AlaskaTaugbøl, A.; Junge, C.; Quinn, T.; Herland, A.; Vøllestad, L.
2017Genetic diversity and structure of the Australian floraBroadhurst, L.; Breed, M.; Lowe, A.; Bragg, J.; Catullo, R.; Coates, D.; Encinas-Viso, F.; Gellie, N.; James, E.; Krauss, S.; Potts, B.; Rossetto, M.; Shepherd, M.; Byrne, M.
2014Genetic inference as a method for modelling occurrence: a viable alternative to visual surveysWadley, J.; Austin, J.; Fordham, D.
2015Genetic parentage analysis confirms a polygynandrous breeding system in the European grayling (Thymallus thymallus)Haddeland, P.; Junge, C.; Serbezov, D.; Vollestad, L.
2000Genetic variation within the ticks Ixodes holocyclus and Ixodes cornuatus from South-eastern AustraliaJackson, Janey; Chilton, Neil B.; Beveridge, Ian; Morris, Michelle M.; Andrews, Ross Hector
2014Genotyping single nucleotide polymorphisms using different molecular beacon multiplexed within a suspended core optical fiberLinh, V.; Giannetti, S.; Warren-Smith, S.; Cooper, A.; Selleri, S.; Cucinotta, A.; Monro, T.
2014The geochemistry during management of lake acidification caused by the rewetting of sulfuric (pH<4) acid sulfate soilsMosley, L.; Shand, P.; Self, P.; Fitzpatrick, R.
2015Geogenic factors as drivers of microbial community diversity in soils overlying polymetallic depositsReith, F.; Zammit, C.; Pohrib, R.; Gregg, A.; Wakelin, S.
2017Geometric morphometrics provides an alternative approach for interpreting the affinity of fossil lizard jawsGray, J.; McDowell, M.; Hutchinson, M.; Jones, M.
2015A georeferenced implementation of weighted endemismGuerin, G.; Ruokolainen, L.; Lowe, A.
2008A giant frog with South American affinities from the Late Cretaceous of MadagascarEvans, S.; Jones, M.; Krause, D.
2009Giant trilobites and trilobite clusters from the Ordovician of PortugalGutierrez-Marco, J.; SA, A.; Garcia-Bellido, D.; Rabano, I.; Valerio, M.
1999Ginkgo Leaves from Paleogene Sediments in TasmaniaHill, R.; Carpenter, R.
2014Global change community ecology beyond species-sorting: a quantitative framework based on mediterranean-biome examplesGuerin, G.; Martín-Forés, I.; Biffin, E.; Baruch, Z.; Breed, M.; Christmas, M.; Cross, H.; Lowe, A.
2017Global developments in forensic geologyDi Maggio, R.; Donnelly, L.; Al Naimi, K.; Barone, P.; Da Silva Salvador, F.; Dawson, L.; Dixon, R.; Fitzpatrick, R.; Gradusova, O.; Nesterina, E.; Peleneva, M.; Ushacova, O.; Gallego, C.; Pirrie, D.; Ruffell, A.; McKinley, J.; Sagripanti, G.; Villalba, D.; Schneck, B.; Sugita, R.; et al.
2015A Global lake ecological observatory network (GLEON) for synthesising high-frequency sensor data for validation of deterministic ecological modelsHamilton, D.; Carey, C.; Arvola, L.; Arzberger, P.; Brewer, C.; Cole, J.; Gaiser, E.; Hanson, P.; Ibelings, B.; Jennings, E.; Kratz, T.; Lin, F.; McBride, C.; Marques, D.; Muraoka, K.; Nishri, A.; Qin, B.; Read, J.; Rose, K.; Ryder, E.; et al.
2015Global regime shift dynamics of catastrophic sea urchin overgrazingLing, S.; Scheibling, R.; Rassweiler, A.; Johnson, C.; Shears, N.; Connell, S.; Salomon, A.; Norderhaug, K.; Pérez-Matus, A.; Hernández, J.; Clemente, S.; Blamey, L.; Hereu, B.; Ballesteros, E.; Sala, E.; Garrabou, J.; Cebrian, E.; Zabala, M.; Fujita, D.; Johnson, L.
2002Glucocorticoids, thyroid hormones, and iodothyronine deiodinases in embryonic saltwater crocodilesShepherdley, Caroline A.; Daniels, Christopher Brian; Orgeig, Sandra; Richardson, Samantha J.; Evans, Barbara K.; Darras, Veerle M.