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2009Habitat adaptation rather than genetic distance correlates with female preference in fire salamanders (Salamandra salamandra)Caspers, B.A.; Junge, C.; Weitere, M.; Steinfartz, S.
2015Habitat heterogeneity affects ecological functions of macrobenthic communities in a mangrove: implication for the impact of restoration and afforestationLeung, J.
2011Hard tissue anatomy of the cranial joints in Sphenodon (Rhynchocephalia): sutures, kinesis, and skull mechanicsJones, M.; Curtis, N.; Fagan, M.; O'Higgins, P.; Evans, S.
2001Have recent mass mortalities of the sardine Sardinops sagax facilitated an expansion in the distribution and abundance of the anchovy Engraulis australis in South Australia?Ward, T.; Hoedt, F.; McLeay, L.; Dimmlich, W.; Jackson, G.; Rogers, P.; Jones, K.
2009The head and neck muscles associated with feeding in Sphenodon (Reptilia: Lepidosauria: Rhynchocephalia)Jones, M.; Curtis, N.; O'Higgins, P.; Fagan, M.; Evans, S.
2000Hearts, neck posture and metabolic intensity of sauropod dinosaursSeymour, R.; Lillywhite, H.
2015Heavy metal contamination of soil and water in the vicinity of an abandoned e-waste recycling site: implications for dissemination of heavy metalsWu, Q.; Leung, J.; Geng, X.; Chen, S.; Huang, X.; Li, H.; Huang, Z.; Zhu, L.; Chen, J.; Lu, Y.
2014Herbivory mediates the expansion of an algal habitat under nutrient and CO₂ enrichmentFalkenberg, L.; Connell, S.; Russell, B.
2011Herpetofauna of montane areas of Tanzania. 1. Results from two amphibian surveys of Malundwe Mountain, Mikumi National ParkLawson, L.; Collett, L.
2000Heterogeneity of cyanobacterial gas-vesicle volume and metabolic activityBrookes, J.; Ganf, G.; Oliver, R.
2001Heterogeneous grazing causes local extinction of edible perennial shrubs: a matrix analysisHunt, L. P.
2011High connectivity across environmental gradients and implications for phenotypic plasticity in a marine plantBricker, E.; Waycott, M.; Calladine, A.; Zieman, J.
2009High levels of gene flow and low population genetic structure related to high dispersal potential of a tropical marine angiospermvan Dijk, J.; van Tussenbroek, B.; Jiménez-Durán, K.; Márquez-Guzmán, G.; Ouborg, J.
2013High plant species richness indicates management-related disturbances rather than the conservation status of forestsBoch, S.; Prati, D.; Müller, J.; Socher, S.; Baumbach, H.; Buscot, F.; Gockel, S.; Hemp, A.; Hessenmöller, D.; Kalko, E.K.V.; Linsenmair, K.E.; Pfeiffer, S.; Pommer, U.; Schöning, I.; Schulze, E.D.; Seilwinder, C.; Weisser, W.W.; Wells, K.; Fischer, M.
2017High rate of translocation-based gene birth on the Drosophila Y chromosomeTobler, R.; Nolte, V.; Schlötterer, C.
2001High-affinity potassium transport into wheat roots involves sodium - a role for HKT1?Hayes, D.; Smith, F.; Walker, N.
2018High-throughput eDNA monitoring of fungi to track functional recovery in ecological restorationYan, D.; Mills, J.; Gellie, N.; Bissett, A.; Lowe, A.; Breed, M.
2014Higher levels of multiple paternities increase seedling survival in the long-lived tree eucalyptus gracilisBreed, M.; Christmas, M.; Lowe, A.
2017Hill-Robertson interference maintained by Red Queen dynamics favours the evolution of sexda Silva, J.; Galbraith, J.
2017Historical changes in the distribution of hairy-nosed wombats (Lasiorhinus spp.): a reviewSwinbourne, M.; Taggart, D.; Peacock, D.; Ostendorf, B.