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2012Macroalgae and temperate rocky reefsWernberg, T.; Smale, D.; Verges, A.; Campbell, A.; Russell, B.; Coleman, M.; Ling, S.; Steinberg, P.; Johnson, C.; Kendrick, G.; Connell, S.; Poloczanska, E.; Hobday, A.; Richardson, A.
2009Macroalgae and temperate rocky reefsWernberg, T.; Campbell, A.; Coleman, M.A.; Connell, S.D.; Kendrick, G.A.; Moore, P.J.; Russell, B.D.; Smale, D.A.; Steinberg, P.D.
2001Macrofossil evidence for the onset of xeromorphy in Australian Casuarinaceae and tribe Banksieae (Proteaceae)Hill, R.; Brodribb, T.
2001Macrofossils associated with the fossil fern spore Cyatheacidites annulatus and their significance for Southern hemisphere biogeographyHill, R.; Macphail, M.; Jordan, G.
2003Macromycete phenological approximations in western Mexican forestsMunguia, P.; Guzmán-Dávalos, L.; Rodríguez, O.
2014Maesa tetrandra (Primulaceae) in Palau: an introduced species mistaken for a single-island endemicCostion, C.; Utteridge, T.
2001Males call more from wetter nests: effects of substrate water potential on reproductive behaviours of terrestrial toadletsMitchell, Nicola Jane
2015Mangroves enhance reef fish abundance at the Caribbean regional scaleSerafy, J.; Shideler, G.; Araújo, R.; Nagelkerken, I.
2015Mapping areas of dieback in critically endangered wetlands of Fleurieu PeninsulaTurner, D.P.; Marshall, V.; Ostendorf, B.; Lewis, M.; South Australia Ecological Society of Australia Annual Conference (29 Nov 2014 - 03 Dec 2015 : Hilton Hotel, Adelaide)
2015Mapping areas of diffuse discharge in the Great Artesian BasinTurner, D.; Clarke, K.; White, D.; Lewis, M.; Spatial Information Day (14 Aug 2015 : Adelaide, SA.)
2015Mapping areas of Great Artesian Basin diffuse dischargeTurner, D.; Clarke, K.; White, D.; Lewis, M.; DEWNR
2014Marine benthic productivityRussell, B.D.; Connell, S.D.
2014Marine biodiversity and climate changeWernberg, T.; Russell, B.; Thomsen, M.; Connell, S.
2007Markers of sulfadoxine-pyrimethamine-resistant Plasmodium falciparum in placenta and circulation of pregnant womenMockenhaupt, F.; Bedu-Addo, G.; Junge, C.; Hommerich, L.; Eggelte, T.; Bienzle, U.
2002Mating behaviour in the agile antechinus Antechinus agilis (Marsupialia : Dasyuridae)Shimmin, G.; Taggart, D.; Temple-Smith, P.
2010A matrix-calibrated species-area model for predicting biodiversity losses due to land-use changeKoh, L.; Ghazoul, J.
2000The meaning of lifeWilliams, William David
2018Measuring genome-wide genetic variation to reassess subspecies classifications in Dodonaea viscosa (Sapindaceae)Christmas, M.; Biffin, E.; Lowe, A.
2018Measuring metabolic rates of small terrestrial organisms by fluorescence-based closed-system respirometryTomlinson, S.; Dalziell, E.L.; Withers, P.C.; Lewandrowski, W.; Dixon, K.W.; Merritt, D.J.
2000Measuring the influence of mycorrhizasSmith, F.