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2002Palaeobotany of the PoaceaeMacphail, M.; Hill, R.
2014Paleo-Antarctic rainforest into the modern old world tropics: the rich past and threatened future of the "southern wet forest survivors"Kooyman, R.; Wilf, P.; Barreda, V.; Carpenter, R.; Jordan, G.; Kale Sniderman, J.; Allen, A.; Brodribb, T.; Crayn, D.; Feild, T.; Laffan, S.; Lusk, C.; Rossetto, M.; Weston, P.
2014A paleogene trans-antarctic distribution for Ripogonum (Ripogonaceae: Liliales)?Carpenter, R.; Wilf, P.; Conran, J.; Rubén Cúneo, N.
2017PaleoView: a tool for generating continuous climate projections spanning the last 21 000 years at regional and global scalesFordham, D.; Saltré, F.; Haythorne, S.; Wigley, T.; Otto-Bliesner, B.; Chan, K.; Brook, B.
2014Palynology of the early Miocene Foulden Maar, Otago, New Zealand: diversity following destructionMildenhall, D.C.; Kennedy, E.M.; Lee, D.E.; Kaulfuss, U.; Bannister, J.M.; Fox, B.; Conran, J.G.
2019Parasite in peril? A new species of mite in the genus Ophiomegistus Banks (Parasitiformes: Paramegistidae) on an endangered host, the pygmy bluetongue lizard Tiliqua adelaidensis (Peters) (Squamata: Scincidae)Derne, B.; Hutchinson, M.; Weinstein, P.; Gardner, M.; Halliday, B.
2014Parasites as biological tags to assess host population structure: guidelines, recent genetic advances and comments on a holistic approachCatalano, S.; Whittington, I.; Donnellan, S.; Gillanders, B.
2002Partitioned Bremer support and multiple treesLambkin, C.; Lee, M.; Winterton, S.; Yeates, D.
1999Pattern of respiration by intact inflorexcences of the thermogenic arum lily Philodendron selloumSeymour, R.
2017Patterns of selectivity in introductions of mammal species worldwideBlackburn, T.; Scrivens, S.; Heinrich, S.; Cassey, P.
1999Peptides from the skin glands of the Australian buzzing tree frog Litoria electrica. Comparison with the skin peptides of the red tree frog Litoria rubellaWabnitz, P.; Bowie, J.; Wallace, J.; Tyler, M.
2009A phenomenological model without dispersal kernel to model species migrationSaltre, F.; Chuine, I.; Brewer, S.; Gaucherel, C.
2013Phenotypic integration in response to incubation environment adaptively influences habitat choice in a tropical lizardGoodman, B.; Schwarzkopf, L.; Krockenberger, A.
2000Phosphate uptake in Chara: membrane transport via Na/Pi cotransportReid, R.; Mimura, T.; Ohsumi, Y.; Walker, N.; Smith, F.
2012Photic niche invasions: phylogenetic history of the dim-light foraging augochlorine bees (Halictidae)Tierney, S.; Sanjur, O.; Grajales, G.; Santos, L.; Bermingham, E.; Wcislo, W.
2013Photographic capture-recapture sampling for assessing populations of the Indian Gliding Lizard Draco dussumieriSreekar, R.; Purushotham, C.; Saini, K.; Rao, S.; Pelletier, S.; Chaplod, S.
2001Photosynthetic response of Amphibolis antarctica and Posidonia australis to temperature and desiccation using chlorophyll fluorescenceSeddon, Stephanie; Cheshire, A. C.
1999The Phylogenetic affinities of Nothofacus (Nothofagaceae) Leaf Fossils based on combined molecular and morphological dataJordan, G.; Hill, R.
1996A phylogenetic analysis of the EucryphiaceaeTaylor, F.; Hill, R.S.
2016Phylogenetic approaches reveal biodiversity threats under climate changeGonzález-Orozco, C.; Pollock, L.; Thornhill, A.; Mishler, B.; Knerr, N.; Laffan, S.; Miller, J.; Rosauer, D.; Faith, D.; Nipperess, D.; Kujala, H.; Linke, S.; Butt, N.; Külheim, C.; Crisp, M.; Gruber, B.