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1999Salinisation: A major threat to water resources in the arid and semi-arid regions of the worldWilliams, William David
2016Saving tropical forests by knowing what we consumeGiam, X.; Mani, L.; Koh, L.; Tan, H.
2017Sea snakes of Bangladesh: a preliminary survey of Cox’s Bazar District with notes on diet, reproduction, and conservation statusSarker, M.; Sanders, K.; Ukuwela, K.; Jamam, M.
2014Seagrass proliferation precedes mortality during hypo-salinity events: a stress-induced morphometric responseCollier, C.; Villacorta-Rath, C.; van Dijk, J.; Takahashi, M.; Waycott, M.
2005Seasonal changes in waterbird habitat and occurrence in Laguna de Sayula, western MexicoMunguia, P.; López, P.; Fortes, I.
2014Seasonal simulation of water, salinity and nitrate dynamics under drip irrigated mandarin (Citrus reticulata) and assessing management options for drainage and nitrate leachingPhogat, V.; Skewes, M.; Cox, J.; Sanderson, G.; Alam, J.; Šimůnek, J.
2010Secondary seed dispersal of Erodiophyllum elderi, a patchily distributed short-lived perennial in the arid lands of AustraliaEmmerson, L.; Facelli, J.; Chesson, P.; Possingham, H.
2008A security primerJantscher, M.; Ghosal, R.; Grasso, A.; Cole, P.
2002Sedimentation and light penetration interact to maintain heterogeneity of subtidal habitats: algal versus invertebrate dominated assemblagesIrving, A.; Connell, S.
2000Seedling characteristics in the CasuarinaceaeHwang, R.; Conran, J.
2008Selective elimination of rooted plants from a tropical seagrass bed in a back-reef lagoon: a hypothesis tested by Hurricane Wilma (2005)Van Tussenbroek, B.; Barba Santos, M.; van Dijk, J.; Sanabria Alcaraz, S.; Tellez Calderon, M.
1987Selective loss of carbohydrates from plant remains during coalificationWilson, M.A.; Verheyen, T.V.; Vassallo, A.M.; Hill, R.S.; Perry, G.J.
2013Sensory cues associated with host detection in a marine parasitic isopodCook, C.; Munguia Matute, P.
1999Settlement and recruitment of the abalone Haliotis cyclobates Peron, 1816Stevenson, J.; Melville, A.
2014Sexual plumage dichromatism in a size monomorphic seabirdIsmar, S.; Daniel, C.; Igic, B.; Morrison-Whittle, P.; Ballard, G.; Millar, C.; Fidler, A.; McGraw, K.; Wakamatsu, K.; Stephenson, B.; Cassey, P.; Dearborn, D.; Hauber, M.
2012Sexual selection and the evolution of complex color patterns in dragon lizardsChen, I.; Stuart-Fox, D.; Hugall, A.; Symonds, M.
2000Sexual size dimorphism of the Musk DuckMcCracken, K.; Paton, D.; Afton, A.
2014Shared patterns of species turnover between seaweeds and seed plants break down at increasing distances from the seaGurgel, C.; Wernberg, T.; Thomsen, M.; Russell, B.; Adam, P.; Waters, J.; Connell, S.
2014Shifts from native to invasive small mammals across gradients from tropical forest to urban habitat in BorneoWells, K.; Lakim, M.; O'Hara, R.
2015Significant genetic structure despite high vagility revealed through mitochondrial phylogeography of an Australian freshwater turtle (Chelodina longicollis)Hodges, K.; Donnellan, S.; Georges, A.