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2010The tadpole of Ramanella palmata (Anura: Microhylidae), a frog endemic to Sri LankaUkuwela, K.D.B.; Silva, E.I.L.; Athukorala, N.P.
2014Tailoring release protocols to individual species and sites: one size does not fit allMoseby, K.; Hill, B.; Lavery, T.
2017Taking a stand against illegal wildlife trade: the Zimbabwean approach to pangolin conservationShepherd, C.; Connelly, E.; Hywood, L.; Cassey, P.
2014Targeted vertebrate surveys enhance the faunal importance and improve explanatory models within the Eastern Arc Mountains of Kenya and TanzaniaRovero, F.; Menegon, M.; Fjeldså, J.; Collett, L.; Doggart, N.; Leonard, C.; Norton, G.; Owen, N.; Perkin, A.; Spitale, D.; Ahrends, A.; Burgess, N.
2014Taxonomic revision of the Australian arid zone lizards Gehyra variegata and G. montium (Squamata, Gekkonidae) with description of three new speciesHutchinson, M.; Sistrom, M.; Donnellan, S.; Hutchinson, R.
2013Temperate shelf water dispersal by Australian boundary currents: implications for population connectivityColeman, M.; Feng, M.; Roughan, M.; Cetina-Heredia, P.; Connell, S.
2002Temporal and spatial variability in elemental composition of otoliths: implications for determining stock identity and connectivity of populationsGillanders, B.
2015Term of Reference b): Review and consider methods for integrating genomic methods with marine fisheries managementHemmer-Hansen; Carvalho; Bonanomi; Castilho; Dahle; Eero; Francisco; Helyar; Horne; Johansen; Junge, C.; Robalo; Rodríguez-Ezpeleta; Silva; Trautner; Volckaert; Clausen; Zelenina; Martinsohn
1987Tertiary gymnosperms from Tasmania: AraucariaceaeHill, R.S.; Bigwood, A.J.
2016A test of metabolic and consumptive responses to local and global perturbations: enhanced resources stimulate herbivores to counter expansion of weedy speciesMcSkimming, C.; Russell, B.; Tanner, J.; Connell, S.; 10th International Temperate Reefs Symposium (12 Jan 2014 - 17 Jan 2014 : Perth, W.A.)
2002Testing the relationship between morphological and molecular rates of change along phylogeniesBromham, L.; Woolfit, M.; Lee, M.; Rambaut, A.
2016Tests of ecogeographical relationships in a non-native species: what rules avian morphology?Cardilini, A.; Buchanan, K.; Sherman, C.; Cassey, P.; Symonds, M.
2000Thermal cycling of the pulmonary surfactant system in small heterothermic mammalsCodd, Jonathan R.; Daniels, Christopher Brian; Orgeig, Sandra
2001Third-instar larvae of common carrion-breeding blowflies of the genus Calliphora (Diptera : Calliphoridae) in South AustraliaWallman, James Frederick
1980Three new Eocene cycads from eastern AustraliaHill, R.S.
2014A three-dimensional hydro-geochemical model to assess lake acidification riskHipsey, M.; Salmon, S.; Mosley, L.
2016Thresholds for morphological response to light reduction for four tropical seagrass speciesCollier, C.; Adams, M.; Langlois, L.; Waycott, M.; O'Brien, K.; Maxwell, P.; McKenzie, L.
2013Thysanotus racemoides (Asparagales: Asparagaceae), a new species from South Australia and western VictoriaSirisena, U.M.; Macfarlane, T.D.; Conran, J.G.
2016Tick exposure and extreme climate events impact survival and threaten the persistence of a long-lived lizardJones, A.; Bull, C.; Brook, B.; Wells, K.; Pollock, K.; Fordham, D.
2015Timing and severity of immunizing diseases in rabbits is controlled by seasonal matching of host and pathogen dynamicsWells, K.; Brook, B.; Lacy, R.; Mutze, G.; Peacock, D.; Sinclair, R.; Schwensow, N.; Cassey, P.; O'Hara, R.; Fordham, D.