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2012Ultra-high resolution aerial photography : bridging the gap between ecology and spatial sciencesOstendorf, B.; Taggart, D.; Turner, D.; Olds, L.; The XXII Congress of the International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ISPRS) (25 Aug 2012 - 01 Sep 2012 : Melbourne, Vic.)
2011Ultra-high resolution ecological habitat assessment of broad regions: fauna surveys in the North Kimberley regionOstendorf, B.; Taggart, D.; Turner, D.; Olds, L.; Spatial Information Day (05 Aug 2011 - 05 Aug 2011 : Adelaide Convention Centre, Australia)
2016Under a new light: validation of eddy covariance flux with light response functions of assimilation and estimates of heterotrophic soil respirationKoerber, G.; Meyer, W.; Sun, Q.; Cale, P.; Ewenz, C.
2018The underestimated dynamics and impacts of water-based recreational activities on freshwater ecosystemsVenohr, M.; Langhans, S.; Peters, O.; Holker, F.; Arlinghaus, R.; Mitchell, L.; Wolter, C.
2017Understanding and managing irrigated acid sulfate and salt-affected soils: a handbook for the Lower Murray Reclaimed Irrigation AreaFitzpatrick, R.; Mosley, L.; Cook, F.
2020United in adversity: aridity and cold influence aggregation behaviour in a social lizard, Egernia stokesiiJohnston, G.; Lanham, E.; Bull, C.
2012A universal method for the study of CR1 retroposons in nonmodel bird genomesSuh, A.; Kriegs, J.; Donnellan, S.; Brosius, J.; Schmitz, J.
2013Unveiling Lobophora (dictyotales, phaeophyceae) species diversity in Australia based on RBCL and COX1 DNA sequence analysesSoisup, N.; Lowe, A.J.; Gurgel, C.F.; 10th International Phycological Congress (04 Aug 2013 - 10 Aug 2013 : Orlando, Florida)
2014The upper cretaceous snake Dinilysia patagonica Smith-Woodward, 1901, and the crista circumfenestralis of snakesPalci, A.; Caldwell, M.
2017Urban habitat restoration provides a human health benefit through microbiome rewilding: the Microbiome Rewilding HypothesisMills, J.; Weinstein, P.; Gellie, N.; Weyrich, L.; Lowe, A.; Breed, M.
1999Urban structures as marine habitatsGlasby, T.; Connell, S.
2001Urban structures as marine habitats: an experimental comparison of the composition and abundance of subtidal epibiota among pilings, pontoons and rocky reefsConnell, S.
2014The use of body condition and haematology to detect widespread threatening processes in sleepy lizards (Tiliqua rugosa) in two agricultural environmentsSmyth, A.; Smee, E.; Godfrey, S.; Crowther, M.; Phalen, D.
2012Use of DNA barcoding to reveal species composition of convenience seafoodHuxley-Jones, E.; Shaw, J.; Fletcher, C.; Parnell, J.; Watts, P.
2000Use of FDA and flow cytometry to assess metabolic activity as an indicator of nutrient status in phytoplanktonBrookes, J.; Geary, S.; Ganf, G.; Burch, M.
2015The use of species-area relationships to partition the effects of hunting and deforestation on bird extirpations in a fragmented landscapeRachakonda, S.; Huang, G.; Zhao, J.; Pasion, B.; Yasuda, M.; Zhang, K.; Peabotuwage, I.; Wang, X.; Quan, R.; Ferry Slik, J.; Corlett, R.; Goodale, E.; Harrison, R.
2000Using disaster to prevent catastrophe: referencing the impacts of flow changes in large dryland riversSheldon, Fran; Thoms, M. C.; Berry, Oliver Fleetwood; Puckridge, James Terence
2016Using genetic data to predict the vulnerability of a native predator to a toxic invaderShine, R.; Wang, S.; Madani, G.; Armstrong, K.; Zhang, L.; Li, Y.
2020Using monitors to monitor ecological restoration: presence may not indicate persistenceCross, S.; Craig, M.; Tomlinson, S.; Dixon, K.; Bateman, P.
2007Using online roleplay simulations for teaching sustainability principles to engineering studentsMaier, H.; Baron, J.; McLaughlan, R.