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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001A review of macropodoid (Marsupialia) systematics with the inclusion of a new familyKear, Benjamin Philip; Cooke, B. N.
2001The roles of cholesterol in pulmonary surfactant: insights from comparative and evolutionary studiesOrgeig, Sandra; Daniels, Christopher Brian
2002Low tolerance of embryonic desiccation in the terrestrial nesting frog Bryobatrachus nimbus (Anura : Myobatrachinae)Mitchell, Nicola Jane
2001Monitoring biogenic volatile compounds emitted by Eucalyptus citriodora using SPMEAlcaraz Zini, Claudia; Augusto, Fabio; Christensen, Eva; Smith, Benjamin Paul Chapman; Bastos Caramao, Elina; Pawliszyn, Janusz
2002Regulation of pulmonary surfactant secretion in the developing lizard, Pogona vitticepsSullivan, Lucy C.; Orgeig, Sandra; Daniels, Christopher Brian
2002Principal features of the mating system of a large spawning aggregation of the giant Australian cuttlefish Sepia apama (Mollusca : Cephalopoda)Hall, Karina Christine; Hanlon, Roger T.
2000Water resource development and hydrological change in a large dryland river: the Barwon-Darling River, AustraliaThoms, M. C.; Sheldon, Fran
2001Heterogeneous grazing causes local extinction of edible perennial shrubs: a matrix analysisHunt, L. P.
2001Environmental, cultural and social changes and their influence on parasite infectionsPetney, T. N.
2000Using disaster to prevent catastrophe: referencing the impacts of flow changes in large dryland riversSheldon, Fran; Thoms, M. C.; Berry, Oliver Fleetwood; Puckridge, James Terence