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2021Lagomorpha as a model morphological systemKraatz, B.; Belabbas, R.; Fostowicz-Frelik, L.A.; Ge, D.; Kuznetsov, A.N.; Madlen, L.; López-Torres, S.; Mohammadi, Z.; Racicot, R.A.; Ravosa, M.J.; Sharp, A.C.; Sherratt, E.; Silcox, M.T.; Słowiak, J.; Winkler, A.J.; Ruf, I.
2021An integrated model to predict and prevent hypoxia in floodplain-river systemsMosley, L.M.; Wallace, T.; Rahman, J.; Roberts, T.; Gibbs, M.
2020Rare or overlooked? The distribution of Hairy Jointgrass in north coast New South Wales, Australia, and implications for its conservation statusWhite, L.; Catterall, C.; Tomlinson, S.; Taffs, K.
2021Mitigation and management plans should consider all anthropogenic disturbances to faunaCross, S.L.; Cross, A.T.; Tomlinson, S.; Clark-Ioannou, S.M.; Nevill, P.G.; Bateman, P.W.
2020The growth of acronyms in the scientific literatureBarnett, A.; Doubleday, Z.
2020A new remote-sensing-based indicator for integrating quantity and quality attributes to assess the dynamics of ecosystem assetsHuang, B.; Li, R.; Ding, Z.; O'Connor, P.; Kong, L.; Xiao, Y.; Xu, W.; Guo, Y.; Yang, Y.; Li, R.; Ouyang, Z.; Wang, X.
2020Pet or pest? Stable isotope methods for determining the provenance of an invasive alien speciesHill, K.G.; Nielson, K.E.; Tyler, J.; McInerney, F.; Doubleday, Z.A.; Frankham, G.J.; Johnson, R.; Gillanders, B.; Delean, J.S.; Cassey, P.B.
2021Demographic analyses of marine and terrestrial snakes (Elapidae) using whole genome sequencesLudington, A.J.; Sanders, K.L.
2020Pronounced differences in visitation by potential pollinators to co-occurring species of Fabaceae in the Southwest Australian biodiversity hotspotScaccabarozzi, D.; Dixon, K.W.; Tomlinson, S.; Milne, L.; Bohman, B.; Phillips, R.D.; Cozzolino, S.
2021Direct and indirect effects of heatwaves on a coral reef fisheryBrown, C.J.; Mellin, C.; Edgar, G.J.; Campbell, M.D.; Stuart-Smith, R.D.