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2000Seedling characteristics in the CasuarinaceaeHwang, R.; Conran, J.
2016Origins and evolution of cinnamon and camphor: a phylogenetic and historical biogeographical analysis of the Cinnamomum group (Lauraceae)Huang, J.; Li, L.; van der Werff, H.; Li, H.; Rohwer, J.; Crayn, D.; Meng, H.; van der Merwe, M.; Conran, J.; Li, J.
2001Interspecific hybridization within Eucalyptus (Myrtaceae): Subgenus Symphyomyrtus, sections Bisectae and AdnatariaDelaporte, K.; Conran, J.; Sedgley, M.
1999A Redescription of the Australian Eocene Fossil Monocotyldeon Petermanniopsis (Lilianae: AFF. Petermanniaceae)Conran, J.; Christophel, D.
2014A paleogene trans-antarctic distribution for Ripogonum (Ripogonaceae: Liliales)?Carpenter, R.; Wilf, P.; Conran, J.; Rubén Cúneo, N.
2002Comparison of two rolled sandy heath communities within a single fire patch in Ngarkat Conservation Park, South AustraliaPelton, G.; Conran, J.
2013The trichotomosulcate asparagoids: pollen morphology of Hemerocallidaceae in relation to systematics and pollination biologyFurness, C.; Conran, J.; Gregory, T.; Rudall, P.
2002A revision of Byblis (Byblidaceae) in south-western AustraliaConran, J.; Lowrie, A.; Moyle-Croft, J.
2015A diverse fern flora including macrofossils with in situ spores from the Late Eocene of southern New ZealandHomes, A.; Cieraad, E.; Lee, D.; Raine, J.; Conran, J.
2002The identity and distribution of neural cells expressing the mesodermal determinant spadetailTamme, R.; Wells, S.; Conran, J.; Lardelli, M.