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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Restoration: 'Garden of Eden' unrealisticBreed, M.F.; Mortimer, P.E.; Lowe, A.J.
2023Beyond ecology: ecosystem restoration as a process for social-ecological transformationTedesco, A.M.; López-Cubillos, S.; Chazdon, R.; Rhodes, J.R.; Archibald, C.L.; Pérez-Hämmerle, K.V.; Brancalion, P.H.S.; Wilson, K.A.; Oliveira, M.; Correa, D.F.; Ota, L.; Morrison, T.H.; Possingham, H.P.; Mills, M.; Santos, F.C.; Dean, A.J.
2022Ancient marine sediment DNA reveals diatom transition in AntarcticaArmbrecht, L.; Weber, M.E.; Raymo, M.E.; Peck, V.L.; Williams, T.; Warnock, J.; Kato, Y.; Hernández-Almeida, I.; Hoem, F.; Reilly, B.; Hemming, S.; Bailey, I.; Martos, Y.M.; Gutjahr, M.; Percuoco, V.; Allen, C.; Brachfeld, S.; Cardillo, F.G.; Du, Z.; Fauth, G.; et al.
2017Testing for thresholds of ecosystem collapse in seagrass meadowsConnell, S.; Fernandes, M.; Burnell, O.; Doubleday, Z.; Griffin, K.; Irving, A.; Leung, J.; Owen, S.; Russell, B.; Falkenberg, L.
2018Dissecting the null model for biological invasions: a meta-analysis of the propagule pressure effectCassey, P.; Delean, S.; Lockwood, J.; Sadowski, J.; Blackburn, T.; Jordano, P.
2019A future 1.2 ºC increase in ocean temperature alters the quality of mangrove habitats for marine plants and animalsWalden, G.; Noirot, C.; Nagelkerken, I.
2018Floristic and structural assessment of Australian rangeland vegetation with standardized plot-based surveysBaruch, Z.; Caddy-Retalic, S.; Guerin, G.R.; Sparrow, B.; Leitch, E.; Tokmakoff, A.; Lowe, A.J.; Lightfoot, D.A.
2013Variable strength of forest stand attributes and weather conditions on the questing activity of Ixodes ricinus ticks over years in managed forestsLauterbach, R.; Wells, K.; O'Hara, R.; Kalko, E.; Renner, S.; Srygley, R.
2015The evolution of epigean and stygobitic species of Koonunga Sayce, 1907 (Syncarida: Anaspidacea) in Southern Australia, with the description of three new speciesLeijs, R.; Bradford, T.; Mitchell, J.; Humphreys, W.; Cooper, S.; Goonan, P.; King, R.; Bruce, N.
2015The effect of land-use on the diversity and mass-abundance relationships of understory avian insectivores in Sri Lanka and southern IndiaSreekar, R.; Srinivasan, U.; Mammides, C.; Chen, J.; Manage Goodale, U.; Wimalabandara Kotagama, S.; Sidhu, S.; Goodale, E.