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2015The evolution of epigean and stygobitic species of Koonunga Sayce, 1907 (Syncarida: Anaspidacea) in Southern Australia, with the description of three new speciesLeijs, R.; Bradford, T.; Mitchell, J.; Humphreys, W.; Cooper, S.; Goonan, P.; King, R.; Bruce, N.
2010REDD: a reckoning of environment and development implicationsGhazoul, J.; Butler, R.; Mateo-Vega, J.; Koh, L.
2016Restoration: 'Garden of Eden' unrealisticBreed, M.F.; Mortimer, P.E.; Lowe, A.J.
2018Floristic and structural assessment of Australian rangeland vegetation with standardized plot-based surveysBaruch, Z.; Caddy-Retalic, S.; Guerin, G.R.; Sparrow, B.; Leitch, E.; Tokmakoff, A.; Lowe, A.J.
2013Natural windbreaks sustain bird diversity in a tea-dominated landscapeSreekar, R.; Mohan, A.; Das, S.; Agarwal, P.; Vivek, R.; Newsom, L.
2014Seagrass proliferation precedes mortality during hypo-salinity events: a stress-induced morphometric responseCollier, C.; Villacorta-Rath, C.; van Dijk, J.; Takahashi, M.; Waycott, M.
2014Higher levels of multiple paternities increase seedling survival in the long-lived tree eucalyptus gracilisBreed, M.; Christmas, M.; Lowe, A.
2015Species distribution models of tropical deep-sea snappersGomez, C.; Williams, A.; Nicol, S.; Mellin, C.; Loeun, K.; Bradshaw, C.; Stergiou, K.
2017Testing for thresholds of ecosystem collapse in seagrass meadowsConnell, S.; Fernandes, M.; Burnell, O.; Doubleday, Z.; Griffin, K.; Irving, A.; Leung, J.; Owen, S.; Russell, B.; Falkenberg, L.
2017Opportunities for integrated ecological analysis across inland Australia with standardised data from AusPlots RangelandsGuerin, G.; Sparrow, B.; Tokmakoff, A.; Smyth, A.; Leitch, E.; Baruch, Z.; Lowe, A.