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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000The structure of the nasal chemosensory system in squamate reptiles. 1. The olfactory organ, with special reference to olfaction in geckosRehorek, S.; Firth, B.; Hutchinson, M.
2007Markers of sulfadoxine-pyrimethamine-resistant Plasmodium falciparum in placenta and circulation of pregnant womenMockenhaupt, F.P.; Bedu-Addo, G.; Junge, C.; Hommerich, L.; Eggelte, T.A.; Bienzle, U.
2000The structure of the nasal chemosensory system in squamate reptiles. 2. Lubricatory capacity of the vomeronasal organRehorek, S.; Firth, B.; Hutchinson, M.
1999Aquatic sex pheromone from a male tree frogWabnitz, P.; Bowie, J.; Tyler, M.; Wallace, J.; Smith, B.
2002Evidence for biosynthesis of pseudophrynamine alkaloids by an Australian myobatrachid frog (Pseudophryne) and for sequestration of dietary pumiliotoxinsSmith, B.; Tyler, M.; Kaneko, T.; Garraffo, H.; Spande, T.; Daly, J.
2015Molecules and morphology reveal overlooked populations of two presumed extinct Australian sea snakes (Aipysurus: Hydrophiinae)Sanders, K.; Schroeder, T.; Guinea, M.; Rasmussen, A.; Hart, M.
2016Future climate stimulates population out-breaks by relaxing constraints on reproductionHeldt, K.; Connell, S.; Anderson, K.; Russell, B.; Munguia, P.
2014Nutritional enhancement of leaves by a psyllid through senescence-like processes: insect manipulation or plant defence?Steinbauer, M.; Burns, A.; Hall, A.; Riegler, M.; Taylor, G.
2015Genetic parentage analysis confirms a polygynandrous breeding system in the European grayling (Thymallus thymallus)Haddeland, P.; Junge, C.; Serbezov, D.; Vollestad, L.; Wicker-Thomas, C.
2022Functional Diversity and Evolution of Bitter Taste Receptors in Egg-Laying MammalsItoigawa, A.; Hayakawa, T.; Zhou, Y.; Manning, A.D.; Zhang, G.; Grutzner, F.; Imai, H.