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2014Enhancing in silico protein-based vaccine discovery for eukaryotic pathogens using predicted peptide-MHC binding and peptide conservation scoresGoodswen, S.; Kennedy, P.; Ellis, J.; Kestler, H.
2000Stem cell factor and chronic myeloid leukemia CD34+ cellsMoore, S.; McDiarmid, L.; Hughes, T.
2010REDD: a reckoning of environment and development implicationsGhazoul, J.; Butler, R.; Mateo-Vega, J.; Koh, L.
2012Strategies for annotation and curation of translational databases: the eTUMOUR projectJulià-Sapé, M.; Lurgi, M.; Mier, M.; Estanyol, F.; Rafael, X.; Candiota, A.; Barceló, A.; García, A.; Martínez-Bisbal, M.; Ferrer-Luna, R.; Moreno-Torres, A.; Celda, B.; Arús, C.
2007Markers of sulfadoxine-pyrimethamine-resistant Plasmodium falciparum in placenta and circulation of pregnant womenMockenhaupt, F.P.; Bedu-Addo, G.; Junge, C.; Hommerich, L.; Eggelte, T.A.; Bienzle, U.
2021An integrated model to predict and prevent hypoxia in floodplain-river systemsMosley, L.M.; Wallace, T.; Rahman, J.; Roberts, T.; Gibbs, M.
2001Differential tissue expression of epitopes of the tetraspanin CD151 recognised by monoclonal antibodiesGeary, S.; Cambareri, A.; Sincock, P.; Fitter, S.; Ashman, L.
2021Habitat loss and range shifts contribute to ecological generalization among reef fishesStuart-Smith, R.D.; Mellin, C.; Bates, A.E.; Edgar, G.J.
2015Mangroves enhance reef fish abundance at the Caribbean regional scaleSerafy, J.; Shideler, G.; Araújo, R.; Nagelkerken, I.
2000The principle of laplace and scaling of ventricular wall stress and blood pressure in mammals and birdsSeymour, R.; Blaylock, A.