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2017Elevational plant species richness patterns and their drivers across non-endemics, endemics and growth forms in the Eastern HimalayaManish, K.; Pandit, M.; Telwala, Y.; Nautiyal, D.; Koh, L.; Tiwari, S.
2017A Critical Comparison of Conventional, Certified, and Community Management of Tropical Forests for Timber in Terms of Environmental, Economic, and Social VariablesBurivalova, Z.; Hua, F.; Koh, L.; Garcia, C.; Putz, F.
2012Dawn of drone ecology: low-cost autonomous aerial vehicles for conservationKoh, L.; Wich, S. a web-based decision-support tool for implementing Indonesia's forest moratoriumKoh, L.; Gibbs, H.; Potapov, P.; Hansen, M.
2011Impacts of biofuel expansion in biodiversity hotspotsLee, J.; Garcia-Ulloa, J.; Koh, L.; Zachos, F.; Habel, J.
2013Balancing societies' priorities: a science-based approach to sustainable development in the tropicsKoh, L.; Raven, P.; Sodhi, N.; Gibson, L.
2011Remotely sensed evidence of tropical peatland conversion to oil palmKoh, L.; Miettinen, J.; Liew, S.; Ghazoul, J.
2010REDD: a reckoning of environment and development implicationsGhazoul, J.; Butler, R.; Mateo-Vega, J.; Koh, L.
2014Modelling environmental and socio-economic trade-offs associated with land-sparing and land-sharing approaches to oil palm expansionLee, J.; Garcia-Ulloa, J.; Ghazoul, J.; Obidzinski, K.; Koh, L.
2017Forests and their canopies: achievements and horizons in canopy scienceNakamura, A.; Kitching, R.; Cao, M.; Creedy, T.; Fayle, T.; Freiberg, M.; Hewitt, C.; Itioka, T.; Koh, L.; Ma, K.; Malhi, Y.; Mitchell, A.; Novotny, V.; Ozanne, C.; Song, L.; Wang, H.; Ashton, L.