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2015Mapping areas of diffuse discharge in the Great Artesian BasinTurner, D.; Clarke, K.; White, D.; Lewis, M.; Spatial Information Day (14 Aug 2015 : Adelaide, SA.)
2011Report 4: Spatial and temporal monitoring of soil erosion risk with satellite imagery. Land condition monitoring reportsClarke, K.D.; Lewis, M.; Dutkiewicz, A.; Forward, G.; Ostendorf, B.; South Australian Department for Environment and Natural Resources
2015Applying the global disturbance index for detecting vegetation changes in Lao tropical forestsPhompila, C.; Lewis, M.; Clarke, K.; Ostendorf, B.
2015Dingo interactions with exotic mesopredators: spatiotemporal dynamics in an Australian arid-zone studySchroeder, T.; Lewis, M.; Kilpatrick, A.; Moseby, K.
2009Report 3: Development of a satellite image-based land condition monitoring system for South Australian agricultural regions. Land condition monitoring reportsClarke, K.D.; Lewis, M.; South Australian Department of Water, Land and Biodiversity Conservation
2015Mapping areas of dieback in critically endangered wetlands of Fleurieu PeninsulaTurner, D.P.; Marshall, V.; Ostendorf, B.; Lewis, M.; South Australia Ecological Society of Australia Annual Conference (29 Nov 2014 - 3 Dec 2015 : Hilton Hotel, Adelaide)
2016A continental and consistent water mapping product from Geoscience Australia: South Australia applications of WOfSRaja Segaran, R.; Turner, D.P.; Hunt, G.; Lewis, M.; Clarke, K.; NRM Science Conference 2016 (13 Apr 2016 - 15 Apr 2016 : Adelaide, South Australia)
2017Forest cover changes in lao tropical forests: physical and socio-economic factors are the most important driversPhompila, C.; Lewis, M.; Ostendorf, B.; Clarke, K.
2015Mapping areas of Great Artesian Basin diffuse dischargeTurner, D.; Clarke, K.; White, D.; Lewis, M.; DEWNR
2016Application of remote sensing for reservoir reserve monitoringTurner, D.; Clarke, K.; Lewis, M.; SA Water, Government of South Australia