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2015Morphological diversity and evolution of Centrolepidaceae (Poales), a species-poor clade with diverse body plans and developmental patternsSokoloff, D.D.; Remizowa, M.V.; Barrett, M.D.; Conran, J.G.; Rudall, P.J.
2018Ecological drivers of soil microbial diversity and soil biological networks in the Southern HemisphereDelgado-Baquerizo, M.; Reith, F.; Dennis, P.; Hamonts, K.; Powell, J.; Young, A.; Singh, B.; Bissett, A.
2019Perspectives on the clonal persistence of presumed ‘ghost’ genomes in unisexual or allopolyploid taxa arising via hybridizationUnmack, P.J.; Adams, M.; Bylemans, J.; Hardy, C.M.; Hammer, M.P.; Georges, A.
2014Quantifying phytogeographical regions of Australia using geospatial turnover in species compositionGonzález-Orozco, C.E.; Ebach, M.C.; Laffan, S.; Thornhill, A.H.; Knerr, N.J.; Schmidt-Lebuhn, A.N.; Cargill, C.C.; Clements, M.; Nagalingum, N.S.; Mishler, B.D.; Miller, J.T.; Joger, U.
2018A revised phylogeny of macropathine cave crickets (Orthoptera: Rhaphidophoridae) uncovers a paraphyletic Australian faunaBeasley-Hall, P.; Tierney, S.; Weinstein, P.; Austin, A.
2014Paleo-Antarctic rainforest into the modern old world tropics: the rich past and threatened future of the "southern wet forest survivors"Kooyman, R.; Wilf, P.; Barreda, V.; Carpenter, R.; Jordan, G.; Kale Sniderman, J.; Allen, A.; Brodribb, T.; Crayn, D.; Feild, T.; Laffan, S.; Lusk, C.; Rossetto, M.; Weston, P.
2014Evolutionary diversification of New Caledonian AraucariaKranitz, P.; Biffin, E.; Clark, A.; Hollingsworth, M.; Ruhsam, M.; Gardner, M.; Thomas, P.; Mill, R.; Ennos, R.; Gaudeul, M.; Lowe, A.; Hollingsworth, P.; Etges, W.J.
2015The evolution of epigean and stygobitic species of Koonunga Sayce, 1907 (Syncarida: Anaspidacea) in Southern Australia, with the description of three new speciesLeijs, R.; Bradford, T.; Mitchell, J.; Humphreys, W.; Cooper, S.; Goonan, P.; King, R.; Bruce, N.
2023Molecular systematic analysis demonstrates that the threatened southern bell frog, Litoria raniformis (Anura: Pelodryadidae) of eastern Australia, comprises two sub-speciesVörös, J.; Wassens, S.; Price, L.; Hunter, D.; Myers, S.; Armstrong, K.; Mahony, M.J.; Donnellan, S.
2022A global reptile assessment highlights shared conservation needs of tetrapodsCox, N.; Young, B.E.; Bowles, P.; Fernandez, M.; Marin, J.; Rapacciuolo, G.; Böhm, M.; Brooks, T.M.; Hedges, S.B.; Hilton-Taylor, C.; Hoffmann, M.; Jenkins, R.K.B.; Tognelli, M.F.; Alexander, G.J.; Allison, A.; Ananjeva, N.B.; Auliya, M.; Avila, L.J.; Chapple, D.G.; Cisneros-Heredia, D.F.; et al.