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2000Increases in water potential gradient reduce xylem conductivity in whole plants. Evidence from a low-pressure conductivity methodBrodribb, T.; Hill, R.
2010REDD: a reckoning of environment and development implicationsGhazoul, J.; Butler, R.; Mateo-Vega, J.; Koh, L.
2012Environmental factors affect acidobacterial communities below the subgroup level in grassland and forest soilsNaether, A.; Foesel, B.; Naegele, V.; Wuest, P.; Weinert, J.; Bonkowski, M.; Alt, F.; Oelmann, Y.; Polle, A.; Lohaus, G.; Gockel, S.; Hemp, A.; Kalko, E.; Linsenmair, K.; Pfeiffer, S.; Renner, S.; Schoening, I.; Weisser, W.; Wells, K.; Fischer, M.; et al.
2013Natural windbreaks sustain bird diversity in a tea-dominated landscapeSreekar, R.; Mohan, A.; Das, S.; Agarwal, P.; Vivek, R.; Newsom, L.
2014Higher levels of multiple paternities increase seedling survival in the long-lived tree eucalyptus gracilisBreed, M.; Christmas, M.; Lowe, A.
2019Convergent evolution of semiochemicals across Kingdoms: bark beetles and their fungal symbiontsZhao, T.; Ganji, S.; Schiebe, C.; Bohman, B.; Weinstein, P.; Krokene, P.; Borg-Karlson, A.K.; Unelius, C.R.
2013Variable strength of forest stand attributes and weather conditions on the questing activity of Ixodes ricinus ticks over years in managed forestsLauterbach, R.; Wells, K.; O'Hara, R.; Kalko, E.; Renner, S.; Srygley, R.
2008Biofuels: waste not want notKoh, L.P.; Tan, H.T.W.; Sodhi, N.S.
2015The effect of land-use on the diversity and mass-abundance relationships of understory avian insectivores in Sri Lanka and southern IndiaSreekar, R.; Srinivasan, U.; Mammides, C.; Chen, J.; Manage Goodale, U.; Wimalabandara Kotagama, S.; Sidhu, S.; Goodale, E.
2018Dissecting the null model for biological invasions: a meta-analysis of the propagule pressure effectCassey, P.; Delean, S.; Lockwood, J.; Sadowski, J.; Blackburn, T.; Jordano, P.