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2014Lake Hawdon inundation regime characterisation by remote sensingClarke, K.; Clark, M.; Lewis, M.; Taylor, B.; Gibbs, M.; Hipsey, M.; Lewis, M.; Sharath, I.; Brookes, J.; Nicol, J.; Clarke, K.; Dalby, P.; Clark, M.; Bice, C.; Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources
2015The structure of the male proboscis in the New Guinean tree frogs, Litoria pronimia and Litoria havina (Anura:Hylidae)Menzies, J.I.; Johnston, G.R.
2010Can fastidiousness kill the cat? The potential for target-specific poisoning of feral cats through oral groomingRead, J.L.
2013An integrative method for the evaluation, monitoring, and comparison of seagrass habitat structureIrving, A.; Tanner, J.; Gaylard, S.
2014Bird community responses to the edge between suburbs and reservesIkin, K.; Barton, P.; Knight, E.; Lindenmayer, D.; Fischer, J.; Manning, A.
2015Species distribution models of tropical deep-sea snappersGomez, C.; Williams, A.; Nicol, S.; Mellin, C.; Loeun, K.; Bradshaw, C.
2014Seasonal simulation of water, salinity and nitrate dynamics under drip irrigated mandarin (Citrus reticulata) and assessing management options for drainage and nitrate leachingPhogat, V.; Skewes, M.A.; Cox, J.W.; Sanderson, G.; Alam, J.; Šimůnek, J.
2019Biological soil crust and vascular plant interactions in Western Myall (Acacia papyrocarpa) open woodland in South AustraliaSteggles, E.; Facelli, J.; Ainsley, P.; Pound, L.
2019Mitogenomes uncover extinct penguin taxa and reveal island formation as a key driver of speciationCole, T.L.; Ksepka, D.T.; Mitchell, K.J.; Tennyson, A.J.; Thomas, D.B.; Pan, H.; Zhang, G.; Rawlence, N.J.; Wood, J.R.; Bover, P.; Bouzat, J.L.; Cooper, A.; Fiddaman, S.; Hart, T.; Miller, G.; Ryan, P.G.; Shepherd, L.D.; Wilmshurst, J.M.; Waters, J.M.
2012New information on the anatomy and systematic position of (Sauropoda: Diplodocoidea) from the Late Jurassic of Portugal, with a review of European diplodocoidsMannion, P.; Upchurch, P.; Mateus, O.; Barnes, R.; Jones, M.