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2011Remotely sensed evidence of tropical peatland conversion to oil palmKoh, L.; Miettinen, J.; Liew, S.; Ghazoul, J.
2015Analysis of deforestation and protected area effectiveness in Indonesia: a comparison of Bayesian spatial modelsBrun, C.; Cook, A.; Lee, J.; Wich, S.; Koh, L.; Carrasco, L.
2013Introduction: ecology of Australian freshwater fishesHumphries, P.; Walker, K.
2010Metabolic rate, genetic and microclimate variation among springtail populations from sub-Antarctic Marion IslandMcGaughran, A.; Convey, P.; Stevens, M.; Chown, S.
2015Geogenic factors as drivers of microbial community diversity in soils overlying polymetallic depositsReith, F.; Zammit, C.; Pohrib, R.; Gregg, A.; Wakelin, S.
2012Dawn of drone ecology: low-cost autonomous aerial vehicles for conservationKoh, L.; Wich, S.
2012Use of DNA barcoding to reveal species composition of convenience seafoodHuxley-Jones, E.; Shaw, J.; Fletcher, C.; Parnell, J.; Watts, P.
2014Next-Gen phylogeography of rainforest trees: exploring landscape-level cpDNA variation from whole-genome sequencingvan der Merwe, M.; McPherson, H.; Siow, J.; Rossetto, M.
2013Transformative optimisation of agricultural land use to meet future food demandsKoh, L.; Koellner, T.; Ghazoul, J.
2011Optimised captive husbandry conditions for the Western Australian 'Marri Millipede' Antichiropus variabilis (Diplopoda: Polydesmida: Paradoxosomatidae), with notes on natural history and tissue preservation techniquesWojcieszek, J.; Harvey, M.; Rix, M.