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2013Sensory cues associated with host detection in a marine parasitic isopodCook, C.; Munguia Matute, P.
2013Four newly recorded species of the calcified marine brown macroalgal genus Padina (Dictyotales, Phaeophyceae) for AustraliaNi-Ni-Win, N.; Sun, Z.; Hanyuda, T.; Kurihara, A.; Millar, A.; Gurgel, C.; Kawai, H.
2015Genetic parentage analysis confirms a polygynandrous breeding system in the European grayling (Thymallus thymallus)Haddeland, P.; Junge, C.; Serbezov, D.; Vollestad, L.
2014Diacyclops (Copepoda: Cyclopoida) in Continental Antarctica, including three new speciesKaranovic, T.; Gibson, J.; Hawes, I.; Andersen, D.; Stevens, M.
2014Climate change and habitat fragmentation drive the occurrence of Borrelia burgdorferi, the agent of Lyme disease, at the northeastern limit of its distributionSimon, J.; Marrotte, R.; Desrosiers, N.; Fiset, J.; Gaitan, J.; Gonzalez, A.; Koffi, J.; Lapointe, F.; Leighton, P.; Lindsay, L.; Logan, T.; Milord, F.; Ogden, N.; Rogic, A.; Roy-Dufresne, E.; Suter, D.; Tessier, N.; Millien, V.
2012Environmental factors affect acidobacterial communities below the subgroup level in grassland and forest soilsNaether, A.; Foesel, B.; Naegele, V.; Wuest, P.; Weinert, J.; Bonkowski, M.; Alt, F.; Oelmann, Y.; Polle, A.; Lohaus, G.; Gockel, S.; Hemp, A.; Kalko, E.; Linsenmair, K.; Pfeiffer, S.; Renner, S.; Schoening, I.; Weisser, W.; Wells, K.; Fischer, M.; et al.
2014Detection and identification of a Gammaherpesvirus in Antechinus spp. in AustraliaAmery-Gale, J.; Vaz, P.; Whiteley, P.; Tatarczuch, L.; Taggart, D.; Charles, J.; Schultz, D.; Ficorilli, N.; Devlin, J.; Wilks, C.
2012Ocean acidificationHoward, W.R.; Nash, M.; Anthony, K.; Schmutter, K.; Bostock, H.; Bromhead, D.; Byrne, M.; Cummings, V.; Currie, K.; Diaz-Pulido, G.; Eggins, S.; Ellwood, M.; Eyre, B.; Haese, R.; Hallegraeff, G.; Hurd, C.; Law, C.; Lenton, A.; Matear, R.; McNeil, B.; et al.; Poloczanska, E.S.; Hobday, A.J.; Richardson, A.J.
2015Environmental adaptation in stomatal size independent of the effects of genome sizeJordan, G.; Carpenter, R.; Koutoulis, A.; Price, A.; Brodribb, T.
2015Challenges and benefits in the design of coastal walking and cycling amenities: toward a more integrated coastal management approachFarrell, M.; Cooper, A.; Yates, K.