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2015Mapping areas of Great Artesian Basin diffuse dischargeTurner, D.; Clarke, K.; White, D.; Lewis, M.; DEWNR
2016Remote sensing of groundwater dependent ecosystems in the western Lake Eyre BasinTurner, D.; Clarke, K.; Lewis, M.; The Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources
2016Application of remote sensing for reservoir reserve monitoringTurner, D.; Clarke, K.; Lewis, M.; SA Water, Government of South Australia
2014Lake Hawdon inundation regime characterisation by remote sensingClarke, K.; Clark, M.; Lewis, M.; Taylor, B.; Gibbs, M.; Hipsey, M.; Lewis, M.; Sharath, I.; Brookes, J.; Nicol, J.; Clarke, K.; Dalby, P.; Clark, M.; Bice, C.; Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources
2016Earth observation: data, processing and applicationsHarrison, B.; Jupp, D.; Lewis, M.; Forster, B.; Mueller, N.; Smith, C.; Phinn, S.; Hudson, D.; Grant, I.; Coppa, I.
2009Development of a satellite image-based land condition monitoring system for South Australian agricultural regionsClarke, K.; Lewis, M.; South Australian Department of Water, Land and Biodiversity Conservation
2016Site-based and remote sensing methods for monitoring indicators of vegetation condition: an Australian reviewLawley, V.; Lewis, M.; Clarke, K.; Ostendorf, B.
2015MODIS EVI and LST temporal response for discrimination of tropical land coversPhompila, C.; Lewis, M.; Ostendorf, B.; Clarke, K.
2016Landsat and GRACE observations of arid wetland dynamics in a dryland river system under multi-decadal hydroclimatic extremesLewis, M.; Xie, Z.; Huete, A.; Ma, X.; Restrepo-Coupe, N.; Devadas, R.; Clarke, K.
2015Rangeland condition monitoring: a new approach using cross-fence comparisons of remotely sensed vegetationKilpatrick, A.; Lewis, M.; Ostendorf, B.