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2016Application of remote sensing for reservoir reserve monitoringTurner, D.; Clarke, K.; Lewis, M.; SA Water, Government of South Australia
2014Similarities and differences in altitudinal versus latitudinal variation for morphological traits in Drosophila melanogasterKlepsatel, P.; Gáliková, M.; Huber, C.D.; Flatt, T.
2009Accelerating loss of seagrasses across the globe threatens coastal ecosystems'Waycott, M.; Duarte, C.; Carruthers, T.; Orth, R.; Dennison, W.; Olyarnik, S.; Calladine, A.; Fourqurean, J.; Heck, K.; Hughes, A.; Kendrick, G.; Kenworthy, W.; Short, F.; Williams, S.
2014Lake Hawdon inundation regime characterisation by remote sensingClarke, K.; Clark, M.; Lewis, M.; Taylor, B.; Gibbs, M.; Hipsey, M.; Lewis, M.; Sharath, I.; Brookes, J.; Nicol, J.; Clarke, K.; Dalby, P.; Clark, M.; Bice, C.; Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources
2011A knowledge-rich distributed decision support framework: a case study for brain tumour diagnosisDupplaw, D.; Croitoru, M.; Dasmahapatra, S.; Gibb, A.; González-Vélez, H.; Lurgi, M.; Hu, B.; Lewis, P.; Peet, A.
2000Can an orbital gland function in the vomeronasal sense? A study of the pygopodid Harderian glandRehorek, S.; Firth, B.; Hutchinson, M.
1999Bird Responses at Inherent and Induced Edges in the Murray Mallee, South Australia. 1. Differences in Abundance and DiversityLuck, G.; Possingham, H.; Paton, D.
1999Bird Responses at Inherent and Induced Edges in the Murray Mallee, South Australia. 2. Nest predation as an Edge EffectLuck, G.; Possingham, H.; Paton, D.
2014Molecular phylogenetic analysis of Western Australian troglobitic chthoniid pseudoscorpions (Pseudoscorpiones:Chthoniidae) points to multiple independent subterranean cladesHarrison, S.E.; Guzik, M.T.; Harvey, M.S.; Austin, A.D.
2016Deep history of wildfire in AustraliaHill, R.; Jordan, G.