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2012Ultra-high resolution aerial photography : bridging the gap between ecology and spatial sciencesOstendorf, B.; Taggart, D.; Turner, D.; Olds, L.; The XXII Congress of the International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ISPRS) (25 Aug 2012 - 01 Sep 2012 : Melbourne, Vic.)
2015Resource limitation, controphic ostracod density and larval mosquito developmentRowbottom, R.; Carver, S.; Barmuta, L.; Weinstein, P.; Foo, D.; Allen, G.
2014Invasions cause biodiversity loss and community simplification in vertebrate food websGaliana, N.; Lurgi, M.; Montoya, J.; López, B.
2016The effects of space and diversity of interaction types on the stability of complex ecological networksLurgi, M.; Montoya, D.; Montoya, J.
2014Dancing on the roof of the world: ecological transformation of the Himalayan landscapePandit, M.; Manish, K.; Koh, L.
2011Ultra-high resolution ecological habitat assessment of broad regions: fauna surveys in the North Kimberley regionOstendorf, B.; Taggart, D.; Turner, D.; Olds, L.; Spatial Information Day (05 Aug 2011 - 05 Aug 2011 : Adelaide Convention Centre, Australia)
2016Integrating technologies for scalable ecology and conservationMarvin, D.; Koh, L.; Lynam, A.; Wich, S.; Davies, A.; Krishnamurthy, R.; Stokes, E.; Starkey, R.; Asner, G.
2016Identifying where REDD+ financially out-competes oil palm in floodplain landscapes using a fine-scale approachAbram, N.; MacMillan, D.; Xofis, P.; Ancrenaz, M.; Tzanopoulos, J.; Ong, R.; Goossens, B.; Koh, L.; Del Valle, C.; Peter, L.; Morel, A.; Lackman, I.; Chung, R.; Kler, H.; Ambu, L.; Baya, W.; Knight, A.
2012Learned recognition of brood parasitic cuckoos in the superb fairy-wren Malurus cyaneusLangmore, N.; Feeney, W.; Crowe-Riddell, J.; Luan, H.; Louwrens, K.; Cockburn, A.
2017Elevational plant species richness patterns and their drivers across non-endemics, endemics and growth forms in the Eastern HimalayaManish, K.; Pandit, M.; Telwala, Y.; Nautiyal, D.; Koh, L.; Tiwari, S.