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2016Saving tropical forests by knowing what we consumeGiam, X.; Mani, L.; Koh, L.; Tan, H.
2015Integrated Cryptosporidium assay to determine oocyst density, infectivity, and genotype for risk assessment of source and reuse waterKing, B.; Fanok, S.; Phillips, R.; Swaffer, B.; Monis, P.
2017The morphology of the inner ear of squamate reptiles and its bearing on the origin of snakesPalci, A.; Hutchinson, M.; Caldwell, M.; Lee, M.
2010China, India, and the environmentBawa, K.; Koh, L.; Lee, T.; Liu, J.; Ramakrishnan, P.; Yu, D.; Zhang, Y.; Raven, P.
2016Prioritising wetlands subject to secondary salinisation for ongoing management using aquatic invertebrate assemblages: a case study from the Wheatbelt Region of Western AustraliaDelaney, J.; Shiel, R.; Storey, A.
2016Translating science into coastal development decisions: the articulations science and planning in South AustraliaScott, M.; Harvey, N.
2005Effects of salinity and inundation regime on growth and distribution of Schoenoplectus triqueterDeegan, Brian Martin; Harrington, Thomas J.; Dundon, Patrick
2001Postcranial morphology of Ganguroo bilamina Cooke 1997 (Marsupialia: Macropodidae) from the middle Miocene of Riversleigh northwestern QueenslandKear, Benjamin Philip; Archer, Michael; Flannery, Tim Fridtjof
2004The distribution and ecology of Schoenoplectus triqueter in the Shannon EstuaryDeegan, Brian Martin; Harrington, Thomas J.
2001A review of macropodoid (Marsupialia) systematics with the inclusion of a new familyKear, Benjamin Philip; Cooke, B. N.