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2013Fascinating and forgotten: the conservation status of marine elapid snakesEifes, C.; Livingstone, S.; Lane, A.; Lukosche, V.; Sanders, K.; Courtney, A.; Gatus, J.; Guinea, M.; Lobo, A.; Miiton, D.; Rasmussen, A.; Read, M.; White, M.; Sanciangco, J.; Aicaia, A.; Heatwoie, H.; Karns, D.; Seminoff, J.; Voris, H.; Carpenter, K.; et al.
2014What are algal turfs? Towards a better description of turfsConnell, S.; Foster, M.; Airoldi, L.
2014Maesa tetrandra (Primulaceae) in Palau: an introduced species mistaken for a single-island endemicCostion, C.; Utteridge, T.
2013First course at university: assessing the impact of student age, nationality and learning styleBone, E.; Reid, R.
2012Estimating pup production in a mammal with an extended and aseasonal breeding season, the Australian sea lion (Neophoca cinerea)McIntosh, R.; Goldsworthy, S.; Shaughnessy, P.; Kennedy, C.; Burch, P.
2012Records of vagrant phocid seals (family Phocidae) in South AustraliaShaughnessy, P.; Kemper, C.; Ling, J.
2013A new genus and subfamily of mosasaurs from the Upper Cretaceous of northern ItalyPalci, A.; Caldwell, M.; Papazzoni, C.
2015The structure of the male proboscis in the New Guinean tree frogs, Litoria pronimia and Litoria havina (Anura:Hylidae)Menzies, J.; Johnston, G.
2013Reptiles of the central Western Ghats, India - a reappraisal and revised checklist, with emphasis on the Agumbe plateauGanesh, S.; Chadramouli, S.; Sreekar, R.; Shankar, P.
2011Mineralocorticoid receptors: evolutionary and pathophysiological considerationsKassahn, K.; Ragan, M.; Funder, J.