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2022Spyridium bracteatum, a new species from Kangaroo Island allied to S. thymifolium (Rhamnaceae: Pomaderreae)Kellermann, J.; Clowes, C.; Barker, W.R.
2022Spyridium longicor, a new species from Western Australia (Rhamnaceae: Pomaderreae)Kellermann, J.; Clowes, C.
2022Functional Diversity and Evolution of Bitter Taste Receptors in Egg-Laying MammalsItoigawa, A.; Hayakawa, T.; Zhou, Y.; Manning, A.D.; Zhang, G.; Grutzner, F.; Imai, H.
2022Plant Proxy Evidence for High Rainfall and Productivity in the Eocene of AustraliaReichgelt, T.; Greenwood, D.R.; Steinig, S.; Conran, J.G.; Hutchinson, D.K.; Lunt, D.J.; Scriven, L.J.; Zhu, J.
2022Climate shapes community flowering periods across biomesStephens, R.E.; Sauquet, H.; Guerin, G.R.; Jiang, M.; Falster, D.; Gallagher, R.V.
2022Emergence and intensification of dairying in the Caucasus and Eurasian steppesScott, A.; Reinhold, S.; Hermes, T.; Kalmykov, A.A.; Belinskiy, A.; Buzhilova, A.; Berezina, N.; Kantorovich, A.R.; Maslov, V.E.; Guliyev, F.; Lyonnet, B.; Gasimov, P.; Jalilov, B.; Eminli, J.; Iskandarov, E.; Hammer, E.; Nugent, S.E.; Hagan, R.; Majander, K.; Onkamo, P.; et al.
2022A database of the morphology, ecology and literature of the world's limb-reduced skinksCamaiti, M.; Evans, A.R.; Hipsley, C.A.; Hutchinson, M.N.; Meiri, S.; Anderson, R.O.; Slavenko, A.; Chapple, D.G.
2022A vegetation carbon isoscape for Australia built by combining continental-scale field surveys with remote sensingMunroe, S.E.M.; Guerin, G.R.; McInerney, F.A.; Martín-Forés, I.; Welti, N.; Farrell, M.; Atkins, R.; Sparrow, B.
2022Predators in a mining landscape: Threats to a behaviourally unique, endangered lizardBradley, H.S.; Craig, M.D.; Tomlinson, S.; Cross, A.T.; Bamford, M.J.; Bateman, P.W.
2022Oyster larvae swim along gradients of soundWilliams, B.R.; McAfee, D.; Connell, S.D.
2022Recentering the role of marine restoration science to bolster community stewardshipMcAfee, D.; Drew, G.; Connell, S.D.
2022Parallel decay of vision genes in subterranean water beetlesLangille, B.L.; Tierney, S.M.; Bertozzi, T.; Beasley-Hall, P.G.; Bradford, T.M.; Fagan-Jeffries, E.P.; Hyde, J.; Leijs, R.; Richardson, M.; Saint, K.M.; Stringer, D.N.; Villastrigo, A.; Humphreys, W.F.; Austin, A.D.; Cooper, S.J.B.
2022Phenotypic responses in fish behaviour narrow as climate ramps upRodriguez-Dominguez, A.; Connell, S.D.; Coni, E.O.C.; Sasaki, M.; Booth, D.J.; Nagelkerken, I.
2022Extreme biogeochemical effects following simulation of recurrent drought in acid sulfate soilsMosley, L.M.; Dang, T.; McLaughlin, M.J.; Fitzpatrick, R.W.
2022Urban native vegetation remnants support more diverse native bee communities than residential gardens in Australia's southwest biodiversity hotspotPrendergast, K.S.; Tomlinson, S.; Dixon, K.W.; Bateman, P.W.; Menz, M.H.M.
2022Scalability of genetic biocontrols for eradicating invasive alien mammalsBirand, A.; Cassey, P.; Ross, J.V.; Thomas, P.Q.; Prowse, T.A.A.
2022Commentary: The ecological and evolutionary implications of allometrySherratt, E.; McCullough, E.L.; Painting, C.J.
2022A global reptile assessment highlights shared conservation needs of tetrapodsCox, N.; Young, B.E.; Bowles, P.; Fernandez, M.; Marin, J.; Rapacciuolo, G.; Böhm, M.; Brooks, T.M.; Hedges, S.B.; Hilton-Taylor, C.; Hoffmann, M.; Jenkins, R.K.B.; Tognelli, M.F.; Alexander, G.J.; Allison, A.; Ananjeva, N.B.; Auliya, M.; Avila, L.J.; Chapple, D.G.; Cisneros-Heredia, D.F.; et al.
2022Process-explicit models reveal the structure and dynamics of biodiversity patternsPilowsky, J.A.; Colwell, R.K.; Rahbek, C.; Fordham, D.A.
2022Plant families exhibit unique geographic trends in C4 richness and cover in AustraliaMunroe, S.E.M.; McInerney, F.A.; Guerin, G.R.; Andrae, J.W.; Welti, N.; Caddy-Retalic, S.; Atkins, R.; Sparrow, B.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 1111