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2018Astrophysical neutrinos and cosmic rays observed by IceCubeAartsen, M.; Ackermann, M.; Adams, J.; Aguilar, J.; Ahlers, M.; Ahrens, M.; Altmann, D.; Andeen, K.; Anderson, T.; Ansseau, I.; Anton, G.; Archinger, M.; Arg├╝elles, C.; Auffenberg, J.; Axani, S.; Bai, X.; Barwick, S.; Baum, V.; Bay, R.; Beatty, J.; et al.
2008Astrophysically triggered searches for gravitational waves: status and prospectsAbbott, B.; Abbott, R.; Adhikari, R.; Ajith, P.; Allen, B.; Allen, G.; Amin, R.; Anderson, S.; Anderson, W.; Arain, M.; Araya, M.; Armandula, H.; Armor, P.; Aso, Y.; Aston, S.; Aufmuth, P.; Aulbert, C.; Babak, S.; Ballmer, S.; Bantilan, H.; et al.
2012Astrophysics-independent bounds on the annual modulation of dark matter signalsHerrero-Garcia, J.; Schwetz, T.; Zupan, J.
2002Asymmetry of polarized electrons scattered elastically from kryptonWent, Michael Ray; McEachran, R. P.; Lohmann, Birgit; MacGillivray, William Robinson; Australian Institute of Physics Congress (15th : 2002 : Sydney, N.S.W.)
2000Asymmetry sum rule for molecular predissociationHawes, Frederick T.; Torop, L. W.; Lewis, Brenton R.; Gibson, Stephen Thomas
2010The ATLAS Inner Detector commissioning and calibrationThe ATLAS Collaboration; Aad, G.; others
2012ATLAS measurements of the properties of jets for boosted particle searchesAad, G.; Abbott, B.; Abdallah, J.; Abdel Khalek, S.; Abdelalim, A.A.; Abdinov, O.; Abi, B.; Abolins, M.; AbouZeid, O.S.; Abramowicz, H.; Abreu, H.; Acerbi, E.; Acharya, B.S.; Adamczyk, L.; Adams, D.L.; Addy, T.N.; Adelman, J.; Adomeit, S.; Adragna, P.; Adye, T.; et al.
2015ATLAS Run 1 searches for direct pair production of third-generation squarks at the Large Hadron ColliderAad, G.; Abbott, B.; Abdallah, J.; Abdinov, O.; Aben, R.; Abolins, M.; AbouZeid, O.; Abramowicz, H.; Abreu, H.; Abreu, R.; Abulaiti, Y.; Acharya, B.; Adamczyk, L.; Adams, D.; Adelman, J.; Adomeit, S.; Adye, T.; Affolder, A.; Agatonovic-Jovin, T.; Agricola, J.; et al.
2015Atmospheric and astrophysical neutrinos above 1 TeV interacting in IceCubeAartsen, M.; Ackermann, M.; Adams, J.; Aguilar, J.; Ahlers, M.; Ahrens, M.; Altmann, D.; Anderson, T.; Arguelles, C.; Arlen, T.; Auffenberg, J.; Bai, X.; Barwick, S.; Baum, V.; Bay, R.; Beatty, J.; Becker Tjus, J.; Becker, K.; Benzvi, S.; Berghaus, P.; et al.
2009Atmospheric effects on extensive air showers observed with the surface detector of the Pierre Auger observatoryBarber, K.; Bellido Caceres, J.; Clay, R.; Dawson, B.; Holmes, V.; Sorokin, J.; Wahrlich, P.; Whelan, B.; Winnick, M.
2012Atomic force microscope cantilever calibration using a focused ion beamSlattery, A.; Quinton, J.; Gibson, C.
2015Atomic spectroscopy for primary thermometryTruong, G.; Stuart, D.; Anstie, J.; May, E.; Stace, T.; Luiten, A.
2016Attenuated total reflection terahertz time-domain spectroscopy: uncertainty analysis and reduction schemeSoltani, A.; Jahn, D.; Duschek, L.; Castro-Camus, E.; Koch, M.; Withayachumnankul, W.
2017Attenuation of turbulence by the passive control of sweep events in a turbulent boundary layer using micro-cavitiesSilvestri, A.; Ghanadi, F.; Arjomandi, M.; Chin, R.; Cazzolato, B.; Zander, A.
2015Attosecond timing in optical-to-electrical conversionBaynes, F.; Quinlan, F.; Fortier, T.; Zhou, Q.; Beling, A.; Campbell, J.; Diddams, S.
2003Australia's Role in Gravitational Wave DetectionJacob, J.; Barriga, P.; Blair, D.; Brooks, A.; Burman, R.; Burston, R.; Chan, L.; Chan, X.; Chin, E.; Chow, J.; Coward, D.; Cusack, B.; de Vine, G.; Degallaix, J.; Dumas, J.; Faulkner, A.; Garoi, F.; Gras, S.; Gray, M.; Hamilton, M.; et al.
1994The Australian Antarctic Lidar FacilityKlekociuk, A.; Argall, S.; Morris, R.; Yates, P.; Fleming, A.; Vincent, R.; Reid, I.; Greet, P.; Murphy, D.; SPIE Conference on Optical Spectroscopic Techniques and Instrumentation for Atmospheric and Space Research (1994 : San Diego, CA.)
2006The Australian Chemistry Enhanced Laboratory Learning ProjectRead, Justin Robert
2008Authors' reply to comments by Takuya Sakamoto, Shouhei Kidera, and Toru Sato on "seabed algorithm and comments on 'modeling and migration of 2-D georadar data: A stationary phase approach"Greenhalgh, S.; Marescot, L.
2007Automatically guiding a telescope to a laser beam on a biaxial antarctic light detection and ranging systemInnis, J.; Cunningham, A.; Graham, A.; Klekociuk, A.