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2019On the direct detection of multi-component dark matter: implications of the relic abundanceHerrero-Garcia, J.; Scaffidi, A.; White, M.; Williams, A.G.
2017On the direct detection of multi-component dark matter: sensitivity studies and parameter estimationHerrero-Garcia, J.; Scaffidi, A.; White, M.; Williams, A.
2008On the equation of state in effective quark theoriesBentz, W.; Lawley, S.; Thomas, A.; Chiral Symmetry in Hadron and Nuclear Physics (13 Nov 2007 - 16 Nov 2007 : Osaka, Japan)
2011On the ground state of Yang-Mills theoryEl Bakry Mahmoud, A.; Leinweber, D.; Williams, A.
1997On the interaction between the rapidly and slowly bleaching peaks in the TL glow curves of quartzFranklin, A. D.
1986On the interpretation of the European Muon Collaboration effectDunne, G.; Thomas, A.
1996On the Interpretation of the NA51 Experiment.Steffens, F.; Thomas, A.
1996On the measurement of gravity waves, tides and mean winds in the low and middle latitude mesosphere and thermosphere with MF radarReid, I.
2016On the ordinary mode Weibel instability in space plasmas: a comparison of three-particle distributionsRubab, N.; Chian, A.; Jatenco-Pereira, V.
1996On the Origin of Comet EnckeSteel, D. I.; Asher, D. J.
2019On the origins of the green luminescence in the "zero-dimensional perovskite" Cs₄PbBr₆: conclusive results from cathodoluminescence imagingRiesen, N.; Lockrey, M.; Badek, K.; Riesen, H.
2017On the progenitor of binary neutron star merger GW170817Abbott, B.; Abbott, R.; Abbott, T.; Acernese, F.; Ackley, K.; Adams, C.; Adams, T.; Addesso, P.; Adhikari, R.; Adya, V.; Affeldt, C.; Afrough, M.; Agarwal, B.; Agathos, M.; Agatsuma, K.; Aggarwal, N.; Aguiar, O.; Aiello, L.; Ain, A.; Ajith, P.; et al.
1990On the QCD evolution of the spin structure function of the protonSchreiber, A.W.; Thomas, A.W.; Londergan, J.T.
2006On the search for transits of the planets orbiting Gliese 876Shankland, P.; Rivera, E.; Laughlin, G.; Blank, D.; Price, A.; Gary, B.; Bissinger, R.; Ringwald, F.; White, G.; Henry, G.; McGee, P.; Wolf, A.; Carter, B.; Lee, S.; Biggs, J.; Monard, B.; Ashley, M.
2016On the smallness of the cosmological constantFroggatt, C.; Nevzorov, R.; Nielsen, H.; Thomas, A.
2013On the smallness of the dark energy density in split SUSY models inspired by degenerate vacuaFroggatt, C.; Nevzorov, R.; Nielsen, H.; 11th Conference on the Intersections of Particle and Nuclear Physics (CIPANP 2012) (29 May 2012 - 03 Jun 2012 : St Petersburg, Florida, U.S.A.)
1995On the spaced antenna and imaging Doppler interferometerVandepeer, B.; Reid, I.
2015On the structure of the lambda 1405Hall, J.; Kamleh, W.; Leinweber, D.; Menadue, B.; Owen, B.; Thomas, A.; Young, R.; 32nd International Symposium on Lattice Field Theory (LATTICE2014) (23 Jun 2014 - 28 Jun 2014 : Columbia University, New York)
2003On the use of 50-MHz RASS in thunderstormsMay, P.; Lucas, C.; Lataitis, R.; Reid, I.
2007On the use of Kodak CR film for quality assurance of needle loading in I-125 seed prostate brachytherapyFog, Lotte Stubjaer; Nicholls, Ralph Leslie; Van Doorn, Timothy