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2019Opposite-parity contaminations in lattice nucleon form factorsStokes, F.; Kamleh, W.; Leinweber, D.
2014Optical amplification and pulse interleaving for low-noise photonic microwave generationQuinlan, F.; Baynes, F.; Fortier, T.; Zhou, Q.; Cross, A.; Campbell, J.; Diddams, S.
2008Optical biosensor based on whispering gallery mode excitations in clusters of microparticlesFrançois, A.; Himmelhaus, M.
2014Optical coherence micro-elastography: mechanical-contrast imaging of tissue microstructureKennedy, B.; Mclaughlin, R.; Kennedy, K.; Chin, L.; Curatolo, A.; Tien, A.; Latham, B.; Saunders, C.; Sampson, D.
2012Optical CT scanner for in-air readout of gels for external radiation beam 3D dosimetryRamm, D.; Rutten, T.; Shepherd, J.; Bezak, E.
2002Optical dating of colluvial deposits from Xiyangfang, China, and the relation to palaeo-earthquake eventsLu, Yanchou; Prescott, John Russell; Zhao, Huac; Chen, Jie; Wei, Lanying
2009Optical description of solid-state dye-sensitized solar cells. I. Measurement of layer optical propertiesMoule, A.; Snaith, H.; Kaiser, M.; Klesper, H.; Huang, D.; Gratzel, M.; Meerholz, K.
2007Optical dilution and feedback cooling of a gram-scale oscillator to 6.9 mKCorbitt, T.; Wipf, C.; Bodiya, T.; Ottaway, D.; Sigg, D.; Smith, N.; Whitcomb, S.; Mavalvala, N.
2007An optical fibre protein sensorSchartner, E.; Ruan, Y.; Hoffmann, P.; Monro, T.; Joint International Conference on Optical Internet, 2007 and the 2007 32nd Australian Conference on Optical Fibre Technology (June 2007 : Melbourne, Vic.)
2011An optical fibre-based frequency dissemination network for AustraliaHe, Y.; Hsu, M.; Gray, M.; Wouters, M.; Warrington, R.; Luiten, A.; Orr, B.; Baldwin, K.; Shaddock, D.; Aben, G.; 2011 Joint Conference of the IEEE International Frequency Control and the European Frequency and Time Forum (FCS 2011) (02 May 2011 - 05 May 2011 : San Francisco, California)
2007Optical fibres - Beyond the diffraction limitMonro, T.
2013Optical frequency division for ultralow phase noise microwave generationBaynes, F.; Quinlan, F.; Fortier, T.; Beling, A.; Zhou, Q.; Cross, A.; Campbell, J.; Diddams, S.; 2013 International Topical Meeting on Microwave Photonics (MWP 2013) (28 Oct 2013 - 31 Oct 2103 : Alexandria, VA, USA)
2001The optical reflector system for the CANGAROO-II imaging atmospheric Cherenkov telescopeKawachi, A.; Hayami, Y.; Jimbo, J.; Kamei, S.; Kifune, T.; Kubo, H.; Kushida, J.; LeBohec, S.; Miyawaki, K.; Mori, M.; Nishijima, K.; Patterson, J.; Suzuki, R.; Tanimori, T.; Yanagita, S.; Yoshikoshi, T.; Yuki, A.
2010Optical sensors based on whispering gallery modes in fluorescent microbeads: response to specific interactionsHimmelhaus, M.; Krishnamoorthy, S.; François, A.
2009Optical sensors based on whispering gallery modes in fluorescent microbeads: Size dependence and influence of substrateFrançois, A.; Himmelhaus, M.
2003The optical system of the H.E.S.S. imaging atmospheric Cherenkov telescopes. Part I: layout and components of the systemBernlohr, K.; Carrol, O.; Cornils, R.; Elfahem, S.; Espigat, P.; Gillessen, S.; Heinzelmann, G.; Hermann, G.; Hofmann, W.; Horns, D.; Jung, I.; Kankanyan, R.; Katona, A.; Khelifi, B.; Krawczynski, H.; Panter, M.; Punch, M.; Rayner, S.; Rowell, G.; Tluczykont, M.; et al.
2003The optical system of the H.E.S.S. imaging atmospheric Cherenkov telescopes. Part II: mirror alignment and point spread functionCornils, R.; Gillessen, S.; Jung, I.; Hofmann, W.; Beilicke, M.; Bernlohr, K.; Carrol, O.; Elfahem, S.; Heinzelmann, G.; Hermann, G.; Horns, D.; Kankanyan, R.; Katona, A.; Krawczynski, H.; Panter, M.; Rayner, S.; Rowell, G.; Tluczykont, M.; van Staa, R.
2014Optical-to-microwave conversion with 1-second instability at the 10⁻¹⁷levelBaynes, F.; Quinlan, F.; Fortier, T.; Zhou, Q.; Beling, A.; Campbell, J.; Diddams, C.; Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics (CLEO: 2014) (08 Jun 2014 - 13 Jun 2014 : San Jose, CA)
2012The optically unbiased GRB host (TOUGH) survey. VI. Radio observations at z ≲ 1 and consistency with typical star-forming galaxiesReinfrank, Robert Franz
2015Optimal path planning and sensor placement for mobile target detectionJiang, B.; Bishop, A.; Anderson, B.; Drake, S.