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2013The BABAR detector: upgrades, operation and performanceAubert, B.; Barate, R.; Boutigny, D.; Couderc, F.; del Amo Sanchez, P.; Gaillard, J.-.M.; Hicheur, A.; Karyotakis, Y.; P Lees, J.; Poireau, V.; Prudent, X.; Robbe, P.; Tisserand, V.; Zghiche, A.; Grauges, E.; Garra Tico, J.; Lopez, L.; Martinelli, M.; Palano, A.; Pappagallo, M.; et al.
2017Baryon asymmetry generation in the E₆CHMNevzorov, R.; Thomas, A.
2016Baryon octet electromagnetic form factors in a confining NJL modelCarrillo-Serrano, M.; Bentz, W.; Cloët, I.; Thomas, A.
2014Basic features of the pion valence-quark distribution functionChang, L.; Mezrag, C.; Moutarde, H.; Roberts, C.; Rodríguez-Quintero, J.; Tandy, P.
2017The basic physics of the binary black hole merger GW150914Abbott, B.; Abbott, R.; Abbott, T.; Abernathy, M.; Acernese, F.; Ackley, K.; Adams, C.; Adams, T.; Addesso, P.; Adhikari, R.; Adya, V.; Affeldt, C.; Agathos, M.; Agatsuma, K.; Aggarwal, N.; Aguiar, O.; Aiello, L.; Ain, A.; Ajith, P.; Allen, B.; et al.
2017Bayesian analysis and naturalness of (next-to-)minimal supersymmetric modelsAthron, P.; Balazs, C.; Farmer, B.; Fowlie, A.; Harries, D.; Kim, D.
2016Beam-induced and cosmic-ray backgrounds observed in the ATLAS detector during the LHC 2012 proton-proton running periodThe ATLAS Collaboration; Aad, G.; Abbott, B.; Abdallah, J.; Abdinov, O.; Abeloos, B.; Aben, R.; Abolins, M.; Abou Zeid, O.; Abraham, N.; Abramowicz, H.; Abreu, H.; Abreu, R.; Abulaiti, Y.; Acharya, B.; Adamczyk, L.; Adams, D.; Adelman, J.; Adomeit, S.; Adye, T.; et al.
2018Below room temperature: how the photocatalytic activity of dense and mesoporous TiO2 coatings is affectedCedillo-González, E.; Riccò, R.; Costacurta, S.; Siligardi, C.; Falcaro, P.
2011Bethe-Salpeter equation for doubly heavy baryons in the covariant instantaneous approximationWeng, M.; Guo, X.; Thomas, A.
2003Beyond 1 kW with fiber lasers and amplifiersNilsson, J.; Jeong, Y.; Alegria, C.; Selvas, R.; Sahu, J.; Williams, R.; Furusawa, K.; Clarkson, W.; Hanna, D.; Richardson, D.; Monro, T.; Payne, D.; Yla-Jarkko, K.; Alam, S.; Grudinin, A.; Conference on Optical fiber Communication (2003 : Atlanta, Ga.)
2008Binding energies and modelling of nuclei in semiclassical simulationsAngeles Perez-Garcia, M.; Tsushima, K.; Valcarce, A.
2003The binding energy of Ar to p-difluorobenzene-Ar. How large are three-body effects in p-difluorobenzene-Ar₂?Bellm, S.; Lawrance, W.
2009Binding of D, D-bar and J/Psi mesons in nucleiTsushima, K.; Conference on the Intersections of Particle and Nuclear Physics (10th : 2009 : San Diego, California)
2010Binding of hypernuclei, and photoproduction of Λ-hypernuclei in the latest quark-meson coupling modelTsushima, K.; Guichon, P.; Shyam, R.; Thomas, A.; Sendai International Symposium on Strangeness in Nuclear and Hadronic Systems (3rd : 2008 : Sendai, Japan)
2015Bioactive MIL-88A framework hollow spheres via interfacial reaction in-droplet microfluidics for enzyme and nanoparticle encapsulationJeong, G.; Ricco, R.; Liang, K.; Ludwig, J.; Kim, J.; Falcaro, P.; Kim, D.
2018Biocompatibility characteristics of the metal organic framework ZIF-8 for therapeutical applicationsHoop, M.; Walde, C.; Riccò, R.; Mushtaq, F.; Terzopoulou, A.; Chen, X.; deMello, A.; Doonan, C.; Falcaro, P.; Nelson, B.; Puigmartí-Luis, J.; Pané, S.
2012Biomedical physics in radiotherapy for cancerMarcu, L.; Bezak, E.; Allen, B.
2016Biomimetic total synthesis of hyperjapones A–E and hyperjaponols A and CLam, H.; Spence, J.; George, J.
2016Biosensors for detecting stress in developing embryosPurdey, M.; Saini, A.; McLennan, H.; Pullen, B.; Schartner, E.; Sutton-McDowall, M.; Thompson, J.; Monro, T.; Nicholls, S.; Abell, A.; SPIE BioPhotonics Australasia Conference (17 Oct 2016 - 19 Oct 2016 : Adelaide, Australia)
1995The birth of the cosmosDavies, Paul C.