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2017Fabrication and characterization of an egg-shaped hollow fiber microbubbleWang, G.; Ruan, Y.; Jia, P.; Gui, Z.; Zhang, P.; Wang, C.; Liu, S.; Liao, C.; Yin, G.; Wang, Y.; International Conference on Optical Fibre Sensors (OFS) (24 Apr 2017 - 28 Apr 2017 : Jeju, Korea)
2004Fabrication and characterization of low loss rib chalcogenide waveguides made by dry etchingRuan, Y.; Li, W.; Jarvis, R.; Madsen, N.; Rode, A.; Luther-Davies, B.
2004Fabrication and optical properties of lead silicate glass holey fibersEbendorff-Heidepriem, H.; Petropoulos, P.; Moore, R.; Frampton, K.; Richardson, D.; Monro, T.
2016Fabrication of axicon microlenses on capillaries and microstructured fibers by wet etchingBachus, K.; De Lima Filho, E.; Wlodarczyk, K.; Oleschuk, R.; Messaddeq, Y.; Loock, H.
2017Fabrication of low-loss, small-core exposed core microstructured optical fibersSchartner, E.; Dowler, A.; Ebendorffheidepriem, H.
2007Fabrication of nanowiresMonro, T.; Ebendorff-Heidepriem, H.; Adelaide Research & Innovation Pty Ltd
2014Fabrication of novel integrated components for next-generation optical networks using the femtosecond-laser direct-write techniqueFuerbach, A.; Gross, S.; Riesen, N.; An, H.; Flemming, S.; Arriola, A.; Love, J.; Withford, M.; International Conference on Transparent Optical Networks (ICTON) (06 Jul 2014 - 10 Jul 2014 : Graz, AUSTRIA)
2016Facile stabilization of cyclodextrin metal-organic frameworks under aqueous conditions via the incorporation of C₆₀ matricesLi, H.; Hill, M.; Huang, R.; Doblin, C.; Lim, S.; Hill, A.; Babarao, R.; Falcaro, P.
1995Factorization contributions and the breaking of the ΔI=1/2 rule in weak ΛNρ and ΣNρ couplingsMaltman, Kim; Shmatikov, Mikhail
2002Factors determining variability time in active galactic nucleus jetsProtheroe, R.
1974Faddeev approach to pion production and pion-deuteron scatteringAfnan, I.; Thomas, A.
2008Faddeev calculation of the pentaquark Θ⁺ in the Nambu–Jona-Lasinio model-based diquark pictureMineo, H.; Tjon, J.; Tsushima, K.; Yang, S.
2016Far off-resonance laser frequency stabilization using multipass cells in Faraday rotation spectroscopyQuan, W.; Li, Y.; Li, R.; Shang, H.; Fang, Z.; Qin, J.; Wan, S.
2009Fast and accurate earthquake location within complex medium using a hybrid globallocal inversion approachBai, C.; Zhao, R.; Greenhalgh, S.
2003Fast beam studies of I₂⁻ and I₂⁻ • Ar photodissociationHoops, Alexandra A.; Gascooke, Jason Robert; Faulhaber, Ann Elise; Kautzman, Kathryn E.; Neumark, Daniel M.
2012'Fast light' effect in experiments with cryogenic resonatorsIvanov, E.; Bourhill, J.; Creedon, D.; Hartnett, J.; Tobar, M.
2012A fast model for prediction of respiratory lung motion for image-guided radiotherapy: a feasibility studyZehtabian, M.; Faghihi, R.; Mosleh-Shirazi, M.; Shakibafard, A.; Mohammadi, M.; Baradaran-Ghahfarokhi, M.
2007Fast rise time, long pulse width, kilohertz repetition rate Q-switch driverRutten, T.; Wild, N.; Veitch, P.
2006Fast Variability of Tera-Electron Volt Rays from the Radio Galaxy M87Aharonian, F.; Akhperjanian, A.; Bazer-Bachi, A.; Beilicke, M.; Benbow, W.; Berge, D.; Bernlohr, K.; Boisson, C.; Bolz, O.; Borrel, V.; Braun, I.; Brown, A.; Buhler, R.; Busching, I.; Carrigan, S.; Chadwick, P.; Chounet, L.; Coignet, G.; Cornils, R.; Costamante, L.; et al.
2019A fast, very-high-energy gamma-ray flare from BL Lacertae during a period of multi-wavelength activity in June 2015Acciari, V.; Ansoldi, S.; Antonelli, L.; Engels, A.A.; Baack, D.; Babic, A.; Banerjee, B.; Bangale, P.; Barres de Almeida, U.; Barrio, J.; Becerra Gonzalez, J.; Bednarek, W.; Bernardini, E.; Berti, A.; Besenrieder, J.; Bhattacharyya, W.; Bigongiari, C.; Biland, A.; Blanch, O.; Bonnoli, G.; et al.