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2018Galactic PeVatrons and helping to find them: effects of galactic absorption on the observed spectra of very high energy γ -ray sourcesPorter, T.; Rowell, G.; Jóhannesson, G.; Moskalenko, I.
2001Galactic structure and the cosmic ray anisotropy at 10¹⁸ eVClay, R.
2008Galaxy redshift abundance periodicity from Fourier analysis of number counts N(z) using SDSS and 2dF GRS galaxy surveysHartnett, J.; Hirano, K.
2017GAMBIT: the global and modular beyond-the-standard-model inference toolAthron, P.; Balazs, C.; Bringmann, T.; Buckley, A.; Chrząszcz, M.; Conrad, J.; Cornell, J.; Dal, L.; Dickinson, H.; Edsjö, J.; Farmer, B.; Gonzalo, T.; Jackson, P.; Krislock, A.; Kvellestad, A.; Lundberg, J.; McKay, J.; Mahmoudi, F.; Martinez, G.; Putze, A.; et al.
2003Gamma ray and infrared emission from the M87 jet and torusDonea, A.; Protheroe, R.
1997Gamma rays and neutrinos from the crab nebula produced by pulsar accelerated nucleiBednarek, W.; Protheroe, R.
2001Gamma rays from dark matterProtheroe, R.; International Symposium on High Energy Gamma-Ray Astronomy (2000 : Heidelberg, Germany)
1999Gamma-ray and neutrino flares produced by protons accelerated on an accretion disc surface in active galactic nucleiBednarek, W.; Protheroe, R.
2017Gamma-ray blazar spectra with H.E.S.S. II mono analysis: the case of PKS 2155-304 and PG 1553+113Abdalla, H.; Abramowski, A.; Aharonian, F.; Ait Benkhali, F.; Akhperjanian, A.; Andersson, T.; Angüner, E.; Arrieta, M.; Aubert, P.; Backes, M.; Balzer, A.; Barnard, M.; Becherini, Y.; Becker Tjus, J.; Berge, D.; Bernhard, S.; Bernlöhr, K.; Blackwell, R.; Böttcher, M.; Boisson, C.; et al.
2007Gamma-ray burst observations with the H.E.S.S. air Cherenkov arrayTam, P.; Chadwick, P.; Gallant, Y.; Horns, D.; Puhlhofer, G.; Rowell, G.; Wagner, S.; International Cosmic Ray Conference (30th : 2007 : Merida, Yucatan, Mexico)
1998Gamma-ray production in supernova remnantsGaisser, T.; Protheroe, R.; Stanev, T.
1998Gamma-rays and neutrinos from very young supernova remnantsProtheroe, R.; Bednarek, W.; Luo, Q.
1997Gamma-rays from interactions of stars with active galactic nucleus jetsBednarek, W.; Protheroe, R.
2006Gas phase ion formation from a liquid beam of arginine in aqueous solution by IR multiphoton excitationKohno, J.; Toyama, N.; Buntine, M.; Mafune, F.; Kondow, T.
2006Gauge-variant propagators and the running coupling from lattice QCDIlgenfritz, Ernst-Michael; Muller-Preussker, Michael; Sternbeck, Andre; Schiller, A.
2018Geant4 beam model for boron neutron capture therapy: investigation of neutron dose componentsMoghaddasi, L.; Bezak, E.
2016GEANT4 simulation of cyclotron radioisotope production in a solid targetPoignant, F.; Penfold, S.; Asp, J.; Takhar, P.; Jackson, P.
2012Generation of 103.75 GHz CW source with 5.10‾¹⁶ frequency instability using cryogenic sapphire oscillatorsBara, R.; Le Floch, J.; Tobar, M.; Stanwix, P.; Parker, S.; Hartnett, J.; Ivanov, E.
1999Genetic optimization of modulation characteristics for two twisted nematic liquid crystal spatial light modulatorsKelly, T.L.; Munch, J.
2016Geochronological and geochemical studies of mafic and intermediate dykes from the Khao Khwang Fold–Thrust Belt: implications for petrogenesis and tectonic evolutionArboit, F.; Collins, A.; Morley, C.; Jourdan, F.; King, R.; Foden, J.; Amrouch, K.