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2003K-matrices for 2D conformal field theoriesArdonne, E.; Bouwknegt, P.; Dawson, P.
2000K-matrices for non-Abelian quantum Hall statesArdonne, Eddy; Bouwknegt, Peter G.; Guruswamy, Sathya; Schoutens, Kareljan
2015Kaon and pion parton distribution amplitudes to twist threeShi, C.; Chen, C.; Chang, L.; Roberts, C.; Schmidt, S.; Zong, H.
2010Kaon fragmentation function from NJL-jet modelMatevosyan, H.; Thomas, A.; Bentz, W.; Achievements and New Directions in Subatomic Physics (2010 : Adelaide, South Australia)
1996Kaon-nucleus Drell-Yan processes and kaon structure functions.Londergan, J.; Liu, G.; Thomas, A.
2020Kaonic hydrogen and deuterium in Hamiltonian effective field theoryLiu, Z.W.; Wu, J.J.; Leinweber, D.B.; Thomas, A.W.
2006Kiloparsec-scale jets in FR I radio galaxies and the γ-ray backgroundStawarz, L.; Kneiske, Tanja Manuela; Kataoka, J.
2008Kinematic inversion of seismic waves in an arbitrary anisotropic background mediumZhou, B.; Greenhalgh, S.
1998A kinetic model of the rapidly bleaching peak in quartz thermoluminescenceFranklin, A. D.
2015Kinetic studies of the infrared-induced reaction between atomic chlorine and solid parahydrogenRaston, P.L.; Kettwich, S.C.; Anderson, D.T.
2007KK-Bar photo production from protonsSibirtsev, A.; Haidenbauer, J.; Krewald, S.; Meissner, U.; Thomas, A.
1985KN scattering in the cloudy bag model: s, p, and d wavesVeit, E.A.; Thomas, A.W.; Jennings, B.K.
2015Krt19⁺/Lgr5⁻ cells are radioresistant cancer-initiating stem cells in the colon and intestineAsfaha, S.; Hayakawa, Y.; Muley, A.; Stokes, S.; Graham, T.; Ericksen, R.; Westphalen, C.; Von Burstin, J.; Mastracci, T.; Worthley, D.; Guha, C.; Quante, M.; Rustgi, A.; Wang, T.
2003Kugo-Ojima confinement and QCD Green's functions in covariant gaugesAlkofer, Reinhard; Fischer, Christian S.; von Smekal, Lorenz Johann Maria
2012K⁰s and Λ production in pp interactions at √s=0.9 and 7 TeV measured with the ATLAS detector at the LHCAad, G.; others
2019K⁺ pre-intercalated manganese dioxide with enhanced Zn²⁺ diffusion for high rate and durable aqueous zinc-ion batteriesLiu, G.; Huang, H.; Bi, R.; Xiao, X.; Ma, T.; Zhang, L.
2002Label-free bioaffinity detection using terahertz technologyMickan, S.; Menikh, A.; Liu, H.; Mannella, C.; MacColl, R.; Abbott, D.; Munch, J.; Zhang, X.
2017Lambda beta-decay in-mediumGuichon, P.; Thomas, A.
2006Landau gauge ghost and gluon propagators and the Faddeev-Popov operator spectrumSternbeck, A.; Ilgenfritz, E.; Muller-Preussker, M.; Schiller, A.
2009The Landau gauge gluon propagator in 4D SU(2) lattice gauge theory revisited: Gribov copies and scaling propertiesBogolubsky, I. L.; Ilgenfritz, Ernst-Michael; Muller-Preussker, Michael; Sternbeck, Andre; International Symposium on Lattice Field Theory (27th : 2009 : Beijing, China)