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1997Radar observations of a 3-day Kelvin wave in the equatorial mesosphereRiggin, D.; Fritts, D.; Tsuda, T.; Nakamura, T.; Vincent, R.
1990Radar observations of stratified layers in the mesosphere and lower thermosphere (50–100 km)Reid, I.
2017Radar sensitivity budget analysis for a network of skywave over-the-horizon radarsFrancis, D.; Cervera, M.; Frazer, G.; XXXIInd General Assembly and Scientific Symposium of the International Union of Radio Science (URSI GASS) (18 Aug 2017 - 26 Aug 2017 : Montreal, Canada)
1997Radiant distribution of meteoroids encountering the EarthTaylor, A. D.
2003Radiation fields of disk, BLR and torus in quasars and blazars: implications for γ-ray absorptionDonea, A.; Protheroe, R.
1999Radiation force on relativistic jets in active galactic nucleiLuo, Q.; Protheroe, R.
2018Radiation pressure on a two-level atom: an exact analytical approachPodlecki, L.; Glover, R.D.; Martin, J.; Bastin, T.
1986Radiative K‾ capture in hydrogenZhong, Y.S.; Thomas, A.W.; Jennings, B.K.; Barrett, R.C.
2001Radio intra-day variability: Answers and questionsJauncey, D. L.; Kedziora-Chudczer, L.; Lovell, James E. J.; Macquart, Jean-Pierre; Nicolson, G. D.; Perley, R. A.; Reynolds, J. E.; Tzioumis, A. K.; Wieringa, M. A.; Bignall, Hayley Emma
2007Radio synchrotron emission from secondary leptons in the vicinity of Sagittarius A*Crocker, Roland Murley; Jones, David Sydney; Ballantyne, David R.; Melia, Fulvio
1999Radio-controlled xenon flashers for atmospheric monitoring at the HiRes cosmic ray observatoryWiencke, L.; Abu-Zayyad, T.; Al-Seady, M.; Belov, K.; Bird, D.; Boyer, J.; Chen, G.; Clay, R.; Dai, H.; Dawson, B.; Denholm, P.; Gloyn, J.; He, D.; Ho, Y.; Huang, M.; Jui, C.; Kidd, M.; Kieda, D.; Knapp, B.; Ko, S.; et al.
2017A radiobiological Markov simulation tool for aiding decision making in proton therapy referralAustin, A.; Douglass, M.; Nguyen, G.; Penfold, S.
2009Radiobiological modeling of interplay between accelerated repopulation and altered fractionation schedules in head and neck cancerMarcu, L.; Bezak, E.
2000Radiosurgery at the Royal Adelaide Hospital: the first 4 1/2 years' clinical experienceRoos, D.; Brophy, B.; Zavgorodni, S.; Francis, J.
2004Raindrop size distribution retrievals from a VHF boundary layer profilerLucas, C.; MacKinnon, A.; Vincent, R.; May, P.
1995Raising awareness of uncertainty: A useful addendum to courses in the history and philosophy of science for science teachers?Rowell, J. A.; Pollard, J. M.
2002Raman effects in a highly nonlinear holey fiber: amplification and modulationYusoff, Z.; Lee, J.; Belardi, W.; Monro, T.; Teh, P.; Richardson, D.
2020Raman spectroscopy of formamidinium-based lead halide perovskite single crystalsRuan, S.; McMeekin, D.P.; Fan, R.; Webster, N.A.S.; Ebendorff-Heidepriem, H.; Cheng, Y.B.; Lu, J.; Ruan, Y.; McNeill, C.R.
2010Rapid 3-D earthquake location using a hybrid global-local inversion approachBai, C.-.Y.; Zhao, R.; Greenhalgh, S.
2003Rapid variability and annual cycles in the characteristic timescale of the scintillating source PKS 1257-326Bignall, H.; Jauncey, D.; Lovell, J.; Tzioumis, A.; Kedziora-Chudczer, L.; Macquart, J.; Tingay, S.; Rayner, D.; Clay, R.