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1985S-wave meson-nucleon scattering in an SU(3) cloudy bag modelVeit, E.A.; Jennings, B.K.; Thomas, A.W.; Barrett, R.C.
2019The SABRE project and the SABRE Proof-of-PrincipleAntonello, M.; Barberio, E.; Baroncelli, T.; Benziger, J.; Bignell, L.J.; Bolognino, I.; Calaprice, F.; Copello, S.; D'Angelo, D.; D'Imperio, G.; Dafinei, I.; Di Carlo, G.; Diemoz, M.; Di Ludovico, A.; Dix, W.; Duffy, A.R.; Froborg, F.; Giovanetti, G.K.; Hoppe, E.; Ianni, A.; et al.
2012Same-sign tetra-leptons from type II seesawChun, E.; Sharma, P.
2002A sample of southern Compact Steep Spectrum radio sources: The VLBI observationsTzioumis, A.; King, E.; Morganti, R.; Dallacasa, D.; Tadhunter, C.; Fanti, C.; Reynolds, J.; Jauncey, D.; Preston, R.; McCulloch, P.; Tingay, S.; Edwards, P.; Costa, M.; Jones, D.; Lovell, J.; Clay, R.; Meier, D.; Murphy, D.; Gough, R.; Ferris, R.; et al.
2020A scalable top-down strategy toward practical metrics of Ni-Zn aqueous batteries with total energy densities of 165 W h kg‾¹ and 506 W h L‾¹Zhou, W.; Zhu, D.; He, J.; Li, J.; Chen, H.; Chen, Y.; Chao, D.
1998Scalar field cosmologies and the initial spacetime singularityFoster, S.
2005Scale model investigations of the applied potential method for crosshole delineation of a conductorGreenhalgh, S.; Zhou, B.
2006Scale-free avalanche dynamics in the stock marketBartolozzi, M.; Leinweber, D.; Thomas, A.
2005Scale-free networks in complex systemsBartolozzi, M.; Leinweber, D.; Surungan, T.; Thomas, A.; Williams, A.; SPIE International Symposium on Microelectronics, MEMS, and Nanotechnology (2005 : Brisbane, Australia)
2008Scaling analysis of fat-link irrelevant clover fermion actionsKamleh, W.; Lasscock, B.; Leinweber, D.; Williams, A.
2020Scaling and higher twist in the nucleon Compton amplitudeHannaford Gunn, A.; Horsley, R.; Nakamura, Y.; Perlt, H.; Rakow, P.E.L.; Schierholz, G.; Somfleth, K.; Stuben, H.; Young, R.; Zanotti, J.; Annual International Symposium on Lattice Field Theory (LATTICE) (16 Jun 2019 - 22 Jun 2019 : Wuhan, China)
2004Scaling behavior of the landau gauge overlap quark propagatorZhang, J.; Bonnet, F.; Bowman, P.; Leinweber, D.; Williams, A.
2004Scaling behavior of the overlap quark propagator in the Landau gaugeZhang, J.; Bowman, P.; Leinweber, D.; Williams, A.
2006Scaling behavior of the quark propagator in full QCDParappilly, M.; Bowman, P.; Heller, U.; Leinweber, D.; Williams, A.; Zhang, J.
2005Scaling of nonperturbative renormalization of composite operators with overlap fermionsZhang, J.; Leinweber, D.; Williams, A.; International Conference on QCD and Hadronic Physics (2005 : Beijing, China)
2009Scattering of plane transverse waves by spherical inclusions in a poroelastic mediumLiu, X.; Greenhalgh, S.; Zhou, B.
2018Scattering processes and resonances from lattice QCDBriceño, R.; Dudek, J.; Young, R.
2006Scheduling cisplatin and radiotherapy in the treatment of squamous cell carcinomas of the head and neck: a modelling approachMarcu, L.; Bezak, E.; Olver, I.
2008The science benefits and preliminary design of the Southern hemisphere gravitational wave detector AIGOBlair, D.; Barriga, P.; Brooks, A.; Charlton, P.; Coward, D.; Dumas, J.; Fan, Y.; Galloway, D.; Gras, S.; Hosken, D.; Howell, E.; Hughes, S.; Ju, L.; McClelland, D.; Melatos, A.; Miao, H.; Munch, J.; Scott, S.; Slagmolen, B.; Veitch, P.; Wen, L.; Webb, J.; Wooley, A.; Van, Z.; Zhao, C.; Edoardo Amaldi Conference on Gravitational Waves (Amaldi) (08 Jul 2007 : Sydney NSW)
2008Science with ASKAP : the Australian square-kilometre-array pathfinderJohnston, S.; Taylor, R.; Bailes, M.; Bartel, N.; Baugh, C.; Bientneholz, M.; Blake, C.; Braun, R.; Brown, J.; Chaterjee, S.; Darling, J.; Deller, A.; Dodson, R.; Edwards, P.; Ekers, R.; Ellingsen, S.; Feain, I.; Gaensler, B.; Haverkorn, M.; Hobbs, G.; et al.