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1995W-symmetry (reprint volume)Bouwknegt, Peter G.; Schoutens, Kareljan
1996The W3 Algebra: Modules, Semi-infinite Cohomology and BV AlgebrasBouwknegt, Peter G.; McCarthy, Jim; Pilch, Krzysztof
1995The W3 algebra: Modules, semi-infinite cohomology and BV-algebrasBouwknegt, Peter G.; McCarthy, Jim; Pilch, Krzysztof
2013Wave function control over a single donor atomVerduijn, J.; Tettamanzi, G.; Rogge, S.
2000Wave functions for arbitrary operator ordering in the de Sitter minisuperspace approximationWiltshire, David L.
2005Wavelength dispersion of Verdet constants in chalcogenide glasses for magneto-optical waveguide devicesRuan, Y.; Jarvis, R.; Rode, A.; Madden, S.; Luther-Davies, B.
2017Wavelength shifted third harmonic generation in an exposed-core microstructured optical fiberWarren-Smith, S.; Wei, J.; Chemnitz, M.; Kostecki, R.; Ebendorff-Heidepriem, H.; Monro, T.; Schmidt, M.; 2017 Opto-Electronics and Communications Conference (OECC) and Photonics Global Conference (PGC) (31 Jul 2017 - 04 Aug 2017 : Singapore)
2001Wavelet analysis of stratosphere gravity wave packets over Macquarie Island 1. Wave parametersZink, F.; Vincent, R.
2001Wavelet analysis of stratospheric gravity wave packets over Macquarie Island 2. Intermittency and mean-flow accelerationsZink, F.; Vincent, R.
2012Wavenumber sampling strategies for 2.5-D frequency-domain seismic wave modelling in general anisotropic mediaZhou, B.; Greenhalgh, S.; Greenhalgh, M.
1995Weak strangeness production in nucleon-nucleon scatteringHaidenbauer, J.; Holinde, K.; Kilian, K.; Sefzick, T.; Thomas, A.
2005Weyl-ordered polynomials in fractional-dimensional quantum mechanicsLohe, M.; Thilagam, A.
1995What happened before the big bang?Davies, Paul C.
1999What is a shell-crossing singularity?Szekeres, P.; Lun, A.
2007What makes a good laboratory learning exercise? Student feedback from the ACELL projectBuntine, M.; Read, J.; Barrie, S.; Bucat, R.; Crisp, G.; George, A.; Jamie, I.; Kable, S.; Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australasia Conference (30th : 2007 : Adelaide, S.A.)
2010What we know and what we don't know about the origin of the spin of the protonThomas, A.; Casey, A.; Matevosyan, H.; Quantum Mechanics, Elementary Particles, Quantum Cosmology and Complexity (24 Feb 2010 : Singapore)
2017Which-way double-slit experiments and Born-rule violationQuach, J.Q.
2009Whispering gallery mode biosensor operated in the stimulated emission regimeFran├žois, A.; Himmelhaus, M.
2006Who needs more physics graduates?Pollard, J.; Mendez, A.; Mills, D.; Sharma, M.; Swan, G.; Zealey, W.; Livett, M.; O'Byrne, J.; Australian Institute of Physics Congress (17th : 2006 : Brisbane, Australia)
2010Widely tunable femtosecond solitonic radiation in photonic crystal fiber claddingPeng, J.; Sokolov, A.; Benabid, F.; Biancalana, F.; Light, P.; Couny, F.; Roberts, P.