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1985Observations of mesospheric wind velocities: 1. Gravity wave horizontal scales and phase velocities determined from spaced wind observationsMeek, C.; Reid, I.; Manson, A.
1987VHF radar observations of cat's-eye-like structures at mesospheric heightsReid, I.; Ruster, R.; Schmidt, G.
1987Some aspects of Doppler radar measurements of the mean and fluctuating components of the wind field in the upper middle atmosphereReid, I.
1988VHF radar measurements of the aspect sensitivity of the summer polar mesopause echoes over Andenes (69°N,16°E), NorwayCzechowsky, P.; Reid, I.; Ruster, R.
1988MF Doppler and spaced antenna measurements of upper middle atmosphere windsReid, I.
1983HF Doppler measurements of mesospheric gravity wave momentum fluxesVincent, R.; Reid, I.
1985Observations of mesospheric wind velocities 2. Cross sections of power spectral density for 48–8 hours, 8–1 hours, and 1 hour to 10 min over 60–110 km for 1981Meek, C.; Reid, I.; Manson, A.
1984A simple model for testing the effects of gravity-wave-produced vertical-oscillations of scattering irregularities on spaced-antenna, horizontal drift measurementsMeek, C.; Reid, I.; URSI/SCOSTEP Workshop on Technical Aspects of MST Radar (2nd : 1984 : Urbana, IL, USA)
1988VHF radar measurements of momentum flux in the summer polar mesosphere over Andenes (69°N,16°E), NorwayReid, I.; Ruster, R.; Czechowsky, P.; Schmidt, G.
1986Gravity wave motions in the upper middle atmosphere (60-110 km)Reid, I.