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1998Dimensionally regularized study of nonperturbative quenched QCDSchreiber, A.; Sizer, T.; Williams, A.
1997Gamma-rays from interactions of stars with active galactic nucleus jetsBednarek, W.; Protheroe, R.
1996Dynamics of the mesosphere and lower thermosphere as seen by MF radars and by HRDI/VARSKhattatov, B.; Geller, M.; Yudin, V.; Hays, P.; Skinner, W.; Franke, S.; Fritts, D.; Isler, J.; Manson, A.; Meek, C.; McMurray, R.; Singer, W.; Hoffmann, P.; Vincent, R.
1996Long-term variability in the equatorial mesosphere and lower thermosphere zonal windBurrage, M.; Vincent, R.; Mayr, H.; Skinner, W.; Arnold, N.; Hays, P.
1999Seasonal variations of the semi-diurnal and diurnal tides in the MLT: multi-year MF radar observations from 2 to 70oN, and the GSWM tidal modelManson, A.; Meek, C.; Hagan, M.; Hall, C.; Hocking, W.; MacDougall, J.; Franke, S.; Riggin, D.; Fritts, D.; Vincent, R.; Burrage, M.
1996Virtual Compton Scattering from the Proton and the Properties of Nucleon Excited States.Liu, G.; Thomas, A.; Guichon, P.
1998The angular deviation of ultra high energy cosmic rays in intergalactic magnetic fieldsClay, R.; Cook, S.; Dawson, B.; Smith, A.; Lampard, R.
1995Coherence length of single laser pulses as measured by CCD interferometryDevrelis, V.; O'Connor, M.; Munch, J.
1997A comparison of winds measured by meteor radar systems and an MF radar at Buckland ParkValentic, T.; Avery, J.; Avery, S.; Vincent, R.
1996Vector meson mixing and charge symmetry violation.O'Connell, H.; Williams, A.; Bracco, M.; Krein, G.