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2019Spectral broadening of a single-photon transition in the evanescent field of an exposed-core fiberGriesser, H.; Perrella, C.; Light, P.; Luiten, A.
2016Biosensors for detecting stress in developing embryosPurdey, M.; Saini, A.; McLennan, H.; Pullen, B.; Schartner, E.; Sutton-McDowall, M.; Thompson, J.; Monro, T.; Nicholls, S.; Abell, A.; SPIE BioPhotonics Australasia Conference (17 Oct 2016 - 19 Oct 2016 : Adelaide, Australia)
2015Tropical and mid-latitude forcing of continental Antarctic temperaturesTurney, C.; Fogwill, C.; Klekociuk, A.; Van Ommen, T.; Curran, M.; Moy, A.; Palmer, J.
2019Opposite-parity contaminations in lattice nucleon form factorsStokes, F.; Kamleh, W.; Leinweber, D.
2018Using the lasing threshold in whispering gallery mode resonators for refractive index sensingFrançois, A.; Schwefel, H.; Monro, T.; Laser Resonators, Microresonators, and Beam Control (SPIE LASE) (29 Jan 2018 - 01 Feb 2018 : San Francisco, CA)
2018First evidence of an extensive Acheulean large cutting tool accumulation in Europe from Porto Maior (Galicia, Spain)Méndez-Quintas, E.; Santonja, M.; Pérez-González, A.; Duval, M.; Demuro, M.; Arnold, L.
2019Calculating transition dipole moments of phosphorescent emitters for efficient organic light-emitting diodesBabazadeh, M.; Burn, P.L.; Huang, D.M.
2014Sivers effect in two-hadron electroproductionKotzinian, A.; Matevosyan, H.; Thomas, A.
2018Rewritable multilevel optical data storage in BaFCl nanocrystalsRiesen, N.; Pan, X.; Badek, K.; Ruan, Y.; Monro, T.; Zhao, J.; Ebendorff-Heidepriem, H.; Riesen, H.; SPIE Optical Data Storage (19 Aug 2018 : San Diego, CA)
2018Peptides as bio-inspired electronic materials: an electrochemical and first-principles perspectiveYu, J.; Horsley, J.; Abell, A.