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2005Mount Gambier (38°S, 141°E) prototype VHF wind profilerReid, I.; Holdsworth, D.; Kovalam, S.; Vincent, R.; Stickland, J.
2009The directional dependence of the lunar Cherenkov technique for UHE neutrino detectionJames, C.; Protheroe, R.
1999Longitudinal variations in planetary wave activity in the equatorial mesosphereKovalam, S.; Vincent, R.; Reid, I.; Tsuda, T.; Nakamura, T.; Ohnishi, K.; Nuryanto, A.; Wiryosumarto, W.
2018Synchronization of relativistic particles in the hyperbolic Kuramoto modelRitchie, L.; Lohe, M.; Williams, A.
2018Laser-based metastable krypton generationDakka, M.; Tsiminis, G.; Glover, R.; Perrella, C.; Moffatt, J.; Spooner, N.; Sang, R.; Light, P.; Luiten, A.
2006Gravity waves in the equatorial MLT regionKovalam, S.; Vincent, R.; Love, P.
1998Long-term MF radar observations of solar tides in the low-latitude mesosphere: Interannual variability and comparisons with the GSWMVincent, R.; Kovalam, S.; Fritts, D.; Isler, J.
2003Intradiurnal wind variations in the midlatitude and high-latitude mesosphere and lower thermosphereKovalam, S.; Vincent, R.
2016Petroleum geochemistry of the Amadeus BasinJarrett, A.; Edwards, D.; Boreham, C.; McKirdy, D.; 17th Annual Geoscience Exploration Seminar (AGES2016) (15 Mar 2016 - 16 Mar 2016 : Alice Springs, NT)
2016Organic facies of the Frome Embayment and Callabonna Sub-basin: what and where are the uranium reductants?Michaelsen, B.; Fabris, A.; Keeling, J.; McKirdy, D.; Katona, L.; Tucker, L.