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1990VHF radar observations of the dynamics of the summer polar mesopause regionRuster, R.; Reid, I.
1990Radar observations of stratified layers in the mesosphere and lower thermosphere (50–100 km)Reid, I.
1995A simple model of atmospheric radar backscatter: Description and application to the full correlation analysis of spaced antenna dataHoldsworth, D.; Reid, I.
1995Comparison of simultaneous wind measurements using collocated VHF meteor radar and MF spaced antenna radar systemsCervera, M.; Reid, I.
1997Equatorial dynamics observed by rocket, radar and satellite during the CADRE/MALTED campaign, 2: Mean and wave structures, coherence, and variabilityFritts, D.; Garten, J.; Riggin, D.; Goldberg, R.; Lehmacher, G.; Schmidlin, F.; McCarthy, S.; Kudeki, E.; Fawcett, C.; Hitchman, M.; Lieberman, R.; Reid, I.; Vincent, R.
1999Meteor observations with an MF radarTsutsumi, M.; Holdsworth, D.; Nakamura, T.; Reid, I.
1994The Australian Antarctic Lidar FacilityKlekociuk, A.; Argall, S.; Morris, R.; Yates, P.; Fleming, A.; Vincent, R.; Reid, I.; Greet, P.; Murphy, D.; SPIE Conference on Optical Spectroscopic Techniques and Instrumentation for Atmospheric and Space Research (1994 : San Diego, CA.)
1990Multiple-frequency studies of the high-latitude summer mesosphere : implications for scattering processesHoppe, U.P.; Fritts, D.; Reid, I.; Czechowsky, P.; Hall, C.; Hansen, T.
1996A comparison of meteor radar systems at Buckland ParkValentic, T.; Avery, J.; Avery, S.; Cervera, M.; Elford, W.; Vincent, R.; Reid, I.
1998A VHF boundary layer radar: First resultsVincent, R.; Dullaway, S.; MacKinnon, A.; Reid, I.; Zink, F.; May, P.; Johnson, B.