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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010The ATLAS Inner Detector commissioning and calibrationThe ATLAS Collaboration; Aad, G.; others
2010Rapid 3-D earthquake location using a hybrid global-local inversion approachBai, C.-.Y.; Zhao, R.; Greenhalgh, S.
2010Comparison of DC sensitivity patterns for anisotropic and isotropic mediaGreenhalgh, S.; Wiese, T.; Marescot, L.
2010Reassessment of the NuTeV determination of the weak mixing angleBentz, W.; Cloet, I.; Londergan, J.; Thomas, A.
2010Infrared exponents and the strong-coupling limit in lattice Landau gaugeSternbeck, Andre; von Smekal, Lorenz Johann Maria
2010Long term mesospheric nightglow observationsReid, I.; Australian Institute of Physics Congress (19th : 2010 : Melbourne, Australia)
2010Precision test of the weak nuclear forceYoung, R.; Australian Institute of Physics Congress (19th : 2010 : Melbourne, Australia)
2010Coherent heterodyne-assisted pulsed spectroscopy: sub-Doppler two-photon spectra of krypton, characterizing a tunable nonlinear-optical ultraviolet light sourceHe, Y.; Kono, M.; White, R.; Sellars, M.; Baldwin, K.; Orr, B.
2010LUNASKA experiments using the Australia Telescope Compact Array to search for ultrahigh energy neutrinos and develop technology for the lunar Cherenkov techniqueJames, C.; Ekers, R.; Alvarez-Muniz, J.; Bray, J.; McFadden, R.; Phillips, C.; Protheroe, R.; Roberts, P.
2010Ore-body imaging by crosswell seismic waveform inversion: A case study from Kambalda, Western AustraliaXu, K.; Greenhalgh, S.