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2011A search for new physics in dijet mass and angular distributions in pp collisions at pp √s= 7 TeV measured with the ATLAS detectorAad, G.; others
2011Measurement of the W⁺ W¯ cross section in √s=7 TeV pp collisions with ATLASAad, G.; ATLAS Collaboration
20113D crosshole ERT for aquifer characterization and monitoring of infiltrating river waterCoscia, I.; Greenhalgh, S.; Linde, N.; Doetsch, J.; Marescot, L.; Gunther, T.; Vogt, T.; Green, A.
2011A nearby gamma-ray burst host prototype for z ~ 7 Lyman-break galaxies: Spitzer-IRS and X-shooter spectroscopy of the host galaxy of GRB 031203Watson, D.; French, J.; Christensen, L. K.; O'Halloran, B.; Michalowski, Michal J.; Hjorth, Jens; Malesani, Daniele; Fynbo, Johan P. U.; Gordon, K. D.; Artina, Sandro; Covino, S.; Reinfrank, Robert Franz
2011New determination of αs from hadronic τ decaysBoito, Diogo R.; Cata, Oscar; Golterman, Maarten; Jamin, Matthias; Maltman, Kim; Osborne, James L.; Peris, Santiago
2011Low-energy positron interactions with kryptonMakochekanwa, C.; Machacek, J. R.; Jones, A. C. L.; Caradonna, P.; Slaughter, D. S.; McEachran, R. P.; Sullivan, J. P.; Buckman, Stephen J.; Bellm, Susan Mary; Lohmann, Birgit; Fursa, D. V.; Bray, Igor; Mueller, D. W.; Stauffer, A. D.; Hoshino, M.
2011Medium modifications of hadron properties and partonic processesBrooks, W.; Strauch, S.; Tsushima, K.; Science at Jefferson Lab (26 May 2011 : Newport News, VA, USA)
2011Computing the sensitivity Kernels for 2.5-D seismic waveform inversion in heterogeneous, anisotropic mediaZhou, B.; Greenhalgh, S.
2011Three-dimensional magnetic field and NMR sensitivity computations incorporating conductivity anomalies and variable-surface topographyLehmann-Horn, J.; Hertrich, M.; Greenhalgh, S.; Green, A.
2011Octet baryon electromagnetic form factors in a relativistic quark modelRamalho, G.; Tsushima, K.