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2005Direct visualization of membrane leakage induced by the antibiotic peptides: Maculatin, citropin, and aureinAmbroggio, E.; Separovic, F.; Bowie, J.; Fidelio, G.; Bagatolli, L.
2016Temporal responses to X-radiation exposure in spleen in the pKZ1 mouse recombination assayOrmsby, R.; Staudacher, A.; Blyth, B.; Bezak, E.; Sykes, P.
2015Autoradiography imaging in targeted alpha therapy with Timepix detectorAl Darwish, R.; Staudacher, A.; Bezak, E.; Brown, M.
2014A single whole-body low dose X-irradiation does not affect L1, B1 and IAP repeat element DNA methylation longitudinallyNewman, M.; Sykes, P.; Blyth, B.; Bezak, E.; Lawrence, M.; Morel, K.; Ormsby, R.; Suter, C.
2020Copper(II) binding to PBT2 differs from that of other 8-hydroxyquinoline chelators: implications for the treatment of neurodegenerative protein misfolding diseasesSummers, K.L.; Roseman, G.P.; Sopasis, G.J.; Millhauser, G.L.; Harris, H.H.; Pickering, I.J.; George, G.N.
2021Design of a stable cyclic peptide analgesic derived from sunflower seeds that targets the κ-opioid receptor for the treatment of chronic abdominal painMuratspahić, E.; Tomašević, N.; Koehbach, J.; Duerrauer, L.; Hadžić, S.; Castro, J.; Schober, G.; Sideromenos, S.; Clark, R.J.; Brierley, S.M.; Craik, D.J.; Gruber, C.W.
2012Dynamics of primary and secondary microbubbles created by laser-induced breakdown of an optically trapped nanoparticleArita, Y.; Antkowiak, M.; Venugopalan, V.; Gunn-Moore, F.J.; Dholakia, K.
2019Sulfonamide-based inhibitors of biotin protein ligase as new antibiotic leadsLee, K.J.; Tieu, W.; Blanco-Rodriguez, B.; Paparella, A.S.; Yu, J.; Hayes, A.; Feng, J.; Marshall, A.C.; Noll, B.; Milne, R.; Cini, D.; Wilce, M.C.J.; Booker, G.W.; Bruning, J.B.; Polyak, S.W.; Abell, A.D.
2010If bystander effects for apoptosis occur in spleen after low-dose irradiation in vivo then the magnitude of the effect falls within the range of normal homeostatic apoptosisStaudacher, A.; Blyth, B.; Lawrence, M.; Ormsby, R.; Bezak, E.; Sykes, P.
2006Extremely low priming doses of x radiation induce an adaptive response for chromosomal inversions in pKZ1 mouse prostateDay, T.; Zeng, G.; Hooker, A.; Bhat, M.; Scott, B.; Turner, D.; Sykes, P.