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2015Peripheral photon and neutron doses from prostate cancer external beam irradiationBezak, E.; Takam, R.; Marcu, L.
2019Effect of tacrolimus dispositional genetics on acute rejection in the first 2 weeks and estimated glomerular filtration rate in the first 3 months following kidney transplantationHu, R.; Barratt, D.T.; Coller, J.K.; Sallustio, B.C.; Somogyi, A.A.
2016Temporal responses to X-radiation exposure in spleen in the pKZ1 mouse recombination assayOrmsby, R.; Staudacher, A.; Blyth, B.; Bezak, E.; Sykes, P.
2000Radiosurgery at the Royal Adelaide Hospital: the first 4 1/2 years' clinical experienceRoos, D.; Brophy, B.; Zavgorodni, S.; Francis, J.
2014A single whole-body low dose X-irradiation does not affect L1, B1 and IAP repeat element DNA methylation longitudinallyNewman, M.; Sykes, P.; Blyth, B.; Bezak, E.; Lawrence, M.; Morel, K.; Ormsby, R.; Suter, C.
2021Design of a stable cyclic peptide analgesic derived from sunflower seeds that targets the κ-opioid receptor for the treatment of chronic abdominal painMuratspahić, E.; Tomašević, N.; Koehbach, J.; Duerrauer, L.; Hadžić, S.; Castro, J.; Schober, G.; Sideromenos, S.; Clark, R.J.; Brierley, S.M.; Craik, D.J.; Gruber, C.W.
2012Experimental investigation of the cytotoxicity of medium-borne signals in human prostate cancer cell lineSjostedt Savenko, S.; Bezak, E.
2012Current challenges in clinical target volume definition: tumour margins and microscopic extensionsMoghaddasi, F.; Bezak, E.; Marcu, L.
2010If bystander effects for apoptosis occur in spleen after low-dose irradiation in vivo then the magnitude of the effect falls within the range of normal homeostatic apoptosisStaudacher, A.; Blyth, B.; Lawrence, M.; Ormsby, R.; Bezak, E.; Sykes, P.
2008Investigation of a MOSFET dosimetry system for midpoint dose verification in prostate 3D CRT/IMRTWiese, T.; Bezak, E.; Nelligan, R.