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2010Constraints on the cosmic ray diffusion coefficient in the W28 region from gamma-ray observationsGabici, S.; Casanova, S.; Aharonian, F.; Rowell, G.; Société Française d’Astronomie et d’Astrophysique (2010 : Marseille, France)
2003Small-angle scattering and diffusion: Application to relativistic shock accelerationProtheroe, R.; Meli, A.; Donea, A.
1998Anisotropies and the power requirements for galactic cosmic raysClay, R.; McDonough, M.; Smith, A.; Dawson, B.
2004Effect of energy losses and interactions during diffusive shock acceleration: applications to SNR, AGN and UHE cosmic raysProtheroe, R.
2000A cosmic ray muon detector for astronomy teachingClay, R.; Kurban, Z.; Maghrabi, A.; Wild, N.
201112mm line survey of the dense molecular gas towards the W28 field TeV gamma-ray sourcesNicholas, B.; Rowell, G.; Burton, M.; Walsh, A.; Fukui, Y.; Kawamura, A.; Longmore, S.; Keto, E.
2004Ultra high energy cosmic raysProtheroe, R.; Clay, R.
2008Optimising parameters for a multi-TeV IACT CellDenman, J.; Rowell, G.; Stamatescu, V.; Thornton, G.; Dunbar, R.; Clay, R.; Dawson, B.; Smith, A.; Wild, N.; Protheroe, R.; Aharonian, F.A.; Hofmann, W.; Rieger, F.M.; International Meeting on High Energy Gamma-Ray Astronomy (4th : 2008 : Germany)
2012Search for point-like sources of ultra-high energy neutrinos at the Pierre Auger Observatory and improved limit on the diffuse flux of tau neutrinosBarber, K.; Bellido Caceres, J.; Clay, R.; Cooper, M.; Dawson, B.; Harrison, T.; Herve, A.; Holmes, V.; Sorokin, J.; Wahrlich, P.; Whelan, B.
2009Probing the ATIC peak in the cosmic-ray electron spectrum with HESSNicholas, B.; Rowell, G.