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2005Winemaking takes a turn for the better at the University of AdelaideFord, C.; Bastian, S.; Bowyer, P.; Grbin, P.; Jiranek, V.; Jones, G.; Tyerman, S.
2007The Role of Lysine Amino Nitrogen in the Biosynthesis of Mousy Off-Flavor Compounds by Dekkera anomalaGrbin, P.; Herderich, M.; Markides, A.; Lee, T.; Henschke, P.
2005Microbial population growth responses to novel powdery mildew controls in an organic vineyardWalker, C.; Grbin, P.; Stephen, J.; Crisp, P.; Wicks, T.; Scott, E.; IFOAM Organic World Congress (15th : 2005 : Adelaide, S. Aust.)
2007Microbiological analysis of grapes and wine: techniques and concepts / in conjunction with the Interwinery Analysis GroupGrbin, P.; IIand, P.; Grinbergs, M.; Schmidtke, L.; Soden, A.
2013Ester synthesis and hydrolysis in an aqueous environment, and strain specific changes during malolactic fermentation in wine with Oenococcus oeniSumby, K.; Jiranek, V.; Grbin, P.
1996Developments in the sensory, chemical and microbiological basis of mousy taint in wineGrbin, P.; Costello, P.; Herderich, M.; Markides, A.; Henschke, P.; Lee, T.; Ninth Australian Wine Industry Technical Conference (16-19 July : Adelaide)
2000Quality has become the focus – the CSU students’ Riverina tour 1999Grbin, P.
2007Studies on the application of high-power ultrasonics for barrel and plank cleaning and disinfectionYap, A.; Jiranek, V.; Grbin, P.; Barnes, M.; Bates, D.
2007The application of high power ultrasonics to enhance winemaking processes and wine qualityYap, A.; Jiranek, V.; Grbin, P.; Barnes, M.; Bates, D.
1999Are indigenous yeast that important to wine production?Grbin, P.