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1995Reflections on the educational requirements of the grapegrowing and winemaking industry in the 21st centuryHoj, Peter Bordier
1997Education in an informed environment with input from industryHoj, Peter Bordier
1996Selective induction of mitochondrial chaperones in response to loss of the mitochondrial genomeMartinus, Ryan D.; Garth, Graeme P.; Webster, Tracie L.; Cartwright, Petyer; Naylor, Dean J.; Hoj, Peter Bordier; Hoogenraad, Nicholas J.
2000Proline and arginine accumulation in developing berries of Vitis vinifera L. in Australian vineyards: Influence of vine cultivar, berry maturity and tissue typeStines, A. P.; Grubb, J.; Gockowiak, H.; Henschke, Paul A.; Hoj, Peter Bordier; Van Heeswijck, Robyn
1995Purification and characterization of ornithine acetyltransferase from Saccharomyces cerevisiaeLiu, Yun; Van Heeswijck, Robyn; Hoj, Peter Bordier; Hoogenraad, N.
1996A new approach to fecal occult blood testing based on the detection of haptoglobinXing, Pei Xiang; Young, Graeme P.; Ho, Deborah; Sinatra, Marc A.; Hoj, Peter Bordier; McKenzie, Ian F. C.
1997Cellobiohydrolase I from Trichoderma reesei: Identification of an active-site nucleophile and additional information on sequence including the glycosylation pattern of the core proteinKlarskov, K.; Piens, K.; Stahlberg, J.; Hoj, Peter Bordier; Van Beeuman, J.; Claeyssens, M.
1997Grapevines for the new millennium - a research and development plan for grapevines for the next centuryScott, N. S.; Robinson, Simon P.; Davies, Christopher; Dry, Ian B.; Thomas, M. R.; Van Heeswijck, Robyn; Hoj, Peter Bordier
1995Affinity-purification and identification of GrpE homologues from mammalian mitochondriaNaylor, D. J.; Ryan, Michael T.; Condron, R.; Hoogenraad, Nicholas J.; Hoj, Peter Bordier
1999Charaterisation of several Hsp70 interacting proteins from mammalian organellesNaylor, D. J.; Hoogenraad, Nicholas J.; Hoj, Peter Bordier