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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001Morphological analysis to identify the pollen parent of an ornamental interspecific hybrid eucalyptusDelaporte, K.; Conran, J.; Sedgley, M.
2006The construction of an almond linkage map using morphological and microsatellite markers on 'Nonpariel' x 'Lauranne' population.Tavassolian, I.; Sedgley, M.; Kaiser, B.; Wirthensohn, M.; Ford, C.; International Rosaceae Genomics Conference (3rd : 2006 : Napier, New Zealand)
2002Almond breeding in AustraliaWirthensohn, M.; Sedgley, M.
1998Evaluation of Banksia species for response to Phytophthora infectionTynan, K.; Scott, E.; Sedgley, M.
2000Production, postharvest treatment and epicuticular wax structure of cut stems of Eucalyptus L'her foliageWirthensohn, M.; Sedgley, M.
2002Optimising ripening temperatures of Cavendish bananas var. 'Williams' harvested throughout the year in Queensland, AustraliaBagnato, A.; Klieber, A.; Barrett, R.; Sedgley, M.
2001Interspecific hybridization within Eucalyptus (Myrtaceae): Subgenus Symphyomyrtus, sections Bisectae and AdnatariaDelaporte, K.; Conran, J.; Sedgley, M.
2001Interspecific hybridization between three closely related ornamental Eucalyptus species: E. macrocarpa, E. youngiana and E. pyriformisDelaporte, K.; Conran, J.; Sedgley, M.
2001Regeneration of almond from immature seed cotyledonsAinsley, P.; Hammerschlag, F.; Bertozzi, T.; Collins, G.; Sedgley, M.
1997To pulse or not to pulse? Improving the vase life of banksia coccinea.Delaporte, K.; Klieber, A.; Sedgley, M.