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1999Ethanol vapor vacuum infiltration of tomatoes: morphological analysis and effect on ripening and eating qualityRatanachinakorn, B.; Klieber, Andreas; Simons, D. H.
1999Impact of nematodes on grapevine growth and productivity: current knowledge and future directions, with special reference to Australian viticultureNicol, J. M.; Stirling, G. R.; Rose, B. J.; May, P.; Van Heeswijck, Robyn
1999Female and male sterility cause low fruit set in a clone of the 'Trevatt' variety of apricot (Prunus armeniaca)Lillecrapp, A. M.; Blesing, Meredith; Sedgley, Margaret
1999Is weight loss in ripening grape berries cv. Shiraz caused by impeded phloem transportMcCarthy, Michael George; Coombe, B. G.
1999Confocal measurement of the three-dimensional size and shape of plant parenchyma cells in developing fruit tissueGray, John D.; Kolesik, Peter; Hoj, Peter Bordier; Coombe, Bryan G.
1999Proline accumulation in developing grapevine fruit occurs independently of changes in the levels of pyrroline-5-carboxylate synthetase mRNA or proteinStines, A. P.; Naylor, D. J.; Hoj, Peter Bordier; Van Heeswijck, Robyn
1999Colour stability of paprika and chilli powderKlieber, Andreas; Bagnato, Annunziata Teresa
1999Are indigenous yeast that important to wine production?Grbin, P.
1999Determination of oak lactones in barrel-aged wines and in oak extracts by stable isotope dilution analysisPollnitz, A.; Jones, G.; Sefton, M.
1999Differential utilisation of sulfur compounds for H₂S liberation by nitrogen-starved wine yeastsHallinan, C.; Saul, D.; Jiranek, V.