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1999Adventitious root formation in Acacia baileyana F. MuellSchwarz, J. L.; Glocke, Pauline Lesley; Sedgley, Margaret
1995Heat shock proteins and chilling sensitivity of mung bean hypocotylsCollins, G. G.; Xl, N.; Me, S.
1995Differential effects of canopy manipulation and shading of Vitis vinifera L. cv. Cagernet Sauvignon. II Leaf gas exchange, photosynthetic electron transport rate and sugar accumulation in berries.Iacono, F.; Bertamini, M.; Coombe, B. G.
1997Asphonylia Anthocercidis, A new species of Cecidomyiidae (Diptera) inducing fruit galls on Anthcercis Littorea (Soanaceae) in Western AustraliaKolesik, Peter; Whittemore, R.; Stace, H. M.
1999The proteaceous pistil: morphological and anatomical aspects of the pollen presenter and style of eight species across five generaMatthews, Merran Lisa; Gardner, Jennifer M.; Sedgley, Margaret
1996Amounts of glycosides in grapevine organs during berry developmentGholami, Mansour; Coombe, B. G.; Robinson, Simon P.; Williams, P. J.
1997DNA typing of populations of phylloxera (Daktulosphaira vitivoliae (Fitch)) from Australian vineyardsCorrie, Angela M.; Buchanan, G. A.; Van Heeswijck, Robyn
1995Reflections on the educational requirements of the grapegrowing and winemaking industry in the 21st centuryHoj, Peter Bordier
1995Effect of pollen parent and stages of flower development on almond nut productionVezvaei, Ali; Jackson, J. F.
1995Early bunchstem necrosis - A matter of nomenclatureJackson, D. I.; Coombe, B. G.